Remove air from the grow room directly into the house

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  1. Remove air from the grow room directly into the house. I will use a carbon filter and an air extractor, I do not have where to remove the tube outside the house so my only option is to remove the filtered air in the house. Will it smell in the house ???
    Will the smell be noticeable ???
    The size of the grow room is (W x H x D cm) 80 x 150 x 80 cm
  2. Carbon filters work so get a quality fan and filter I recommend Ac infinity line
  3. Carbon filters sure do their least the ones I've personally used/seen in other grow rooms. I don't have name brands for you, but with a CF you will be completely fine venting it out into your house....I did for smell whatsoever.
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  4. Gonna stink like a Bitch depending on strain grown

    all filters block at some time the recent carbon type more so due to humidity

    avoid running in wet weather they will hardly work

    good luck

    ps a backup vent extract is a good idea
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  5. Ok... thank you, it is important not to smell because I live with someone and do not want to know what I do, I will use room fresheners and I hope he will not notice .

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    That can work just fine, I vent my two tents and drying cupboard in to the small room they are in and I have the window and door to that room open all the time and my home doesnt smell.

    Cheap, low quality carbon filters leak smell but good quality one's don't. I use Rhino Pro filters and they're the best available in the UK. If you're in another country it might be under a different name or perhaps not even be available.

    Keep the humidity and temperature down and the carbon filter will work better.

    Someone living in the same house and not knowing about the grow will be virtually impossible. When you open the tent doors it's going to smell a bit. The fans going 24-7 will be noisey. I just can't see anyone pulling that off
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  7. How is that AC infinity , i have a 6 inch sitting in my cart on amazon i just need to pull the trigger and buy it .
    I'm looking to draw cool air from the room my tent is in sense i kicked the ac unit to the curb .

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  8. Man buy it I also recommend the smart controls its $30 extra but well worth it.
    I can't say enough about it you will not be disappointed
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  9. O meant to say get the 6 not the 4 also
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