"Remote" Fire Control System

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ehgonzo, May 28, 2010.

  1. So, lets say you had a little cab grow going on, but in a building that no one is currently using (hence "remote"...you are not going to be there). You took all precautions to be safe and make sure no fire starts, whether you are there at the time or not. But, you're still a little paranoid thinking about how busted you would be if a fire started when you were not there.
    So, any possibilities to put out any fire that could start, BEFORE it gets so big the fire dept will be present?

    1 thought would be to cover the top of the cab and all around it with baking soda and other chemicals found in dry chemical fire extinguishers.
    Another would be to rig up a series of buckets filled with water above the cab. Have a string running above the cab to the buckets keeping them upright. When the fire starts, it will burn the string at some point, which allows the buckets to tip and spill the water.
    Or do the same type of string set up with a blanket instead of buckets of water.

    Ok, so the baking soda one is the only idea of those 3 that would get through my concept selection process, so hopefully there are some other ideas along that line of thought.
  2. thanks for the link man, i'll have to see if i can make my own heat sensor to modify the extinguisher i already have, didnt even think of that.

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