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  1. All I remember about my last day of high school is the last 5 minutes before the seniors were permanently dismissed, we were just sitting there licking our lips in anticipation, pretending to give a damn about the teachers goodbye speech to us.


    The school exploded, everyone was screaming, the underclassman were hanging out of their classrooms in awe of us, because at that moment we were gods walking the earth, untouchable, brilliant, and beautiful.

    I loved everyone I saw as i walked down the hallway, I hugged ex-girlfriends, shook hands with the dude who broke my nose and who's teeth i knocked out just 3 months beforehand. A group of girls walked by and a girl with whom i had classes with for the past 4 years but had a falling out with recently stopped me with a glance. She walked up to me gave me a kiss put her hands on my cheeks and walked away, i never saw her again, as she moved to Utah the following week, but I'll always remember the most satisfyingly heartfelt kiss I've ever received.

    I paused at the stairwell and remembered one thing I had to do before I left. Walking up the stairs I thought about how much my English teacher had helped me when i was just a little freshman transfer, too scared
    to talk to anyone, too self conscious and chubby for people to want to talk me. He showed me kindness, he tutored me after school, made sure to call on me a lot so people would get more used to me talking and actually notice I was there, and when spring came around he convinced me to join the soccer team, and I did. It was a disaster at first, I wouldn't run a quarter mile without having to stop and catch my breath, I was so self concious of my big belly and man-boobs that sometimes it took me 20 minutes to work up the confidence to leave the locker room. Over the course of the pre season conditionibng, though, i lost 35 pounds, grew out my hair, made lots of friends, and got a job. I will never forget what that man helped me do with my life.

    I burst into the room with a smile on my face, fully expecting the heartrending reunion I had been craving, but after a second or two wihtout seeing him, I stopped and took a better look at my surroundings I realized this was a English as a Second-Language class. My golden teacher had left for the day.

    After a quick apology to the frightened little koreans who's class i interrupted, I felt my phone vibrate, I didnt recognize the number so i was a bit caught off guard:


    "Hi! May I speak to Maxwell #$&%@ please?"


    "Oh, well this is Wendy at OCC I just wanted to inform you that your interview went very well and we are prepared to offer you a paid internship here for our IT department."

    I know right? Today just could not get any more perfect.

    I walked a bit slowly through the entryway of my school, still not entirly believing that this was all really happening, I looked around the front hall of my school and felt tears welling up, I closed my eyes turned and opened them again, looking through the glass double doors across the senior parking lot, all the boys and girls kissing, hugging, smiling and crying.

    I leaned and threw open the doors to my adulthood. Striding out the door and into the golden sunlight I knew my life could only get better from this moment.

    I pulled the keys out of my skinny jeans, and hopped into my car, no reason to talk to everyone now, I'll see them all tonight at some party or another. Turn the keys, punch the gas and squeal out of the parking lot onto the open road.

    I knew with my youth and arrogance that I could do anything now.
    I am young, strong, healthy, and oh so much more clever and dashing than anyone could even compare with, this is my life now, to do with what I choose. I am unstoppable, and I am king.

    and that was my last day in high school! thanks!
  2. You should write a book! And Grats Grad.
  3. Nice story. I'll be graduating a week from this friday. Hope my last day is as epic as yours.
  4. Amazing story man. Congrats :D
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    Haha thanks guys but this was actually a year and 6 days ago, I'm about to be 19, but my girl who just graduated went to prom with her friends last night and it really brought some memories back.

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