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  1. Man the plant I yanked would've had a great harvest, was going thru my pics and it was a beautiful healthy plant, thick stalk bit idk what was happening but I started seeing the decline.. bugs and mother nature are a mofo!

    On the other hand, my new main plant (plant #2) is in flowering and I gave the first set of bloom nutes yesterday, this morning I see sugars forming on the leaves, but I have a small concern; is the color of those bottom older leaves supposed to dull like that and look weak in a sense? Normal?

    And my 2nd plant that I made a post about because it want growing, is doing lovely, I got the watering cycle down.

    Trial and error,patience and tranquility is what's needed for plants I've learned. The pictures are as follows in the post.. the first ones are the plant I yanked a col weeks ago because of storms and bugs

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