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  1. This is for myself and everyone else here as a constant reminder.

    I don't know how deeply everyone here is for legalization, but we all need to know that we can't let others speak for us while we sit and do nothing.

    There isn't one person who is going to be out main savior. We can't have the thought in the back of the head saying "oh there are enough people out there trying to get it legalized, so I don't have to do anything." WRONG.

    Every single person on this site needs to make part of their life to do SOMETHING. There should be constant rallies and protests for our civil rights every single day. Change can happen, but we can't think that someone else will do it for us.
  2. yea, but we're all too chill to go rally...maybe if i see someone walkin by the house i'll yell at em
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    I;m constantly preaching to friends and people i meet that are completely against it. I've actually become so good at it that I can make almost anyone give it a try now haha

    Sure, it might not be at the political level i'd like it to be but its getting to some people that have looked the other way about marijuana their whole life. So i've helped to open up more people minds to cannabis and its benefits.
  4. lol, good call.
  5. I feel like the legalization of marijuana is going to start a much needed revolution

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