Reminder to self

Discussion in 'General' started by greedyorphan, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. This is for all who will forget where they put their personal shit hidden in a secret spot.

    Cigs out in the open but Bud hidden in the cig pack at the bottom.extra beer in the vegetable shelf in the fridge , and keys in the medicine cabinet!
  2. This thread deserves so many posts, this is such a good idea :cool:

    Single bud stashed in my medicine cabinet for a rainy day
  3. Trying to find out my stash spot, EH PIG?!
  4. hahah everything underneath spare tire in car
  5. I like being surprised. I only have to hide bud from myself lol :hello: One day I decided I should hide something for one of those days. I was cleaning my room and was taking out all my shoe boxes out from underneath my bed. Needless to say I was kind of annoyed since cleaning ain't my thing. Don't think I live dirty though, my momma showed me the "or else" plenty of times so I know not to disappoint even when she isn't around ;)

    In one of my shoe boxes I found a fat nug in a little plastic baggy :hello: (lol my exact reaction). Smoked it and found myself to feel a lot more calm when I was cleaning :D.

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