Remeron (Mirtazapine) experience (Anti-depressant).

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    I have prescribed Remeron (Mirtazapine) 15MG its an NaSSA antidepressant.

    I took 10 times my normal dose to a total of 150mg and the next day, a school day, i had these weird hallucinations, like in the middle class of every once in a while i would feel like my vision was zooming in and out, a bit of vertigo, i would see like partial transparent colored neon lights around stuff it was really cool and i wasn't paranoid at all - even though i still get paranoid with weed. it lasted the whole week but i didn't one bit of euporia it just felt emotionally like a normal day except with the hallucinations.

    Remron is a relatively new drug so there isn't much info on it and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Like how much it would take to OD, what it would feel like to get high, and its side-effects.


  2. Well this is going to be the only response you are going to get... DO NOT try and take antidepressants recreationally to get high. First, there is NO HIGH; and second, it's just plain stupid and bad for you.


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