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Remembered a Joke

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by DaWodin, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. A man wakes up one mornin and goes out to check on his only possession, a cow. When he gets to the barn he finds her lying dead. This man, now extremely distraught, hangs himself from the rafters. A little later the mans oldest son wakes up and goes to check on the cow. He sees the cow dead and his father hung. He becomes overwhelmed and runs down to the river to drown himself. When he arrives on the shores he sees a beautiful naked woman who reveals herself as a genie. She tells him that if he can make love to her 5 times in a row she will bring his father and the cow back to life, but if he cannot make it 5 times he shall drown in the river. He decides to try and only makes it 4 times so the genie drowns him in the river. Later on the farmers second son wakes up, finds the dead cow and his dead father. He runs down to the river to drown himself and sees the genie. She makes him the same offer as his brother but he must make love to her 10 times. He tries but only gets 6 and the genie drowns him in the river. Much later on the farmers youngest son wakes up and finds his dead father and cow. He runs down to the river and sees the genie. She offers him the same deal but he must make love to her 15 times. He says, "15? why not make it 20?" The genie replies, "if your that confident lets make it 25.". The youngeset son says, "Hell lets make it 30!". The genie says, "ok ok 30 times." The youngest son starts to advance but hesitates. The genie ask's him whats wrong and he replies, "How do I know 30 times wont kill you like it did the cow?"
  2. i like that one
  3. hahaha, that genie is as good as fucked

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