Remember when?

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  1. Remember when you were young?

    Remember when people with piercings and tattoos were freaks?

    Remember when Jill, Chris, and Barry entered the survival horror?

    Remember when you talked to the hand?

    Remember when you lost your favorite cats eye in marbles?

    Remember when you won your first slammer?

    Remember when yo-yos were cool?

    Remember when you were it?

    Remember when Rocko's life was modern?

    Remember when everyone had a razor scooter?

    Remember when people where phat?

    Remember when you had to catch em all?

    Remember when you actually woke up early on saturdays?

    Remember when you rocked JNCO jeans?

    Remember when Ren called Stimpy an Idiot?

    Remember when momma had a chicken?

    Remember when momma had a cow?

    Remember when you triple dog dared people?

    Remember when you SIKEd people?

    Remember when everything was the bomb?

    Remember when you enter the matrix?

    Remember when everything was decided with eenie meenie miney moe?

    Remember when Your momma was so fat she smoked turkey after sex? BOO YA! IN YOUR FACE

    Remember when you went on the computer to play Solitaire?

    Remember when you knew Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil?

    Remember when you FINISHed HIM?

    Remember when red rover sent you over?

    Remember when they were turtles in a half shell?

    Remember when Denise was a menace?

    Remember when Aerith died?

    Remember when santa brought you everything on your list?

    Remember when goku turned super saiyan?

    Remember when you got money for your tooth?

    Remember when I loved you and you loved me?

    Remember when you had a ferby?

    Remember when life was like a box of chocolate?

    Remember when you got jiggy with it?

    Remember when you were afraid of the dark?

    Remember when you had goosebumps?

    Remember when MTV played music?

    Remember when Pinky and The Brain tried to take over the world?

    Remember when it was the WB and UPN?

    Remember when Girl Power took over?

    Remember when Sugar, Spice, Everything nice and Chemical X made the perfect little girls?

    Remember when you wanted to be a Toys R Us kid?

    Remember when it smelled like teen spirit?

    Remember when you were young?

    Do you?
  2. i do remember, but 90's thread n no pics is lame....

    remember when doug was funny?
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    yeaa I wasnt gonna go and find pics for everthing i said too lazy :p I might tho

    I was jus doming a blunt and said to myself damn I miss the good ol days.

    Doug was one of my all time fav cartoons. Actually named one of my dogs porkchop :D
  4. Does anyone remember Denver the last Dinosaur? I used to watch the shit out of that. Think it was from around 92 or 93.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Denver the last dinosaur intro[/ame]
  5. nope. potheads have shitty memories
  6. I'm still trying.

  7. Nope but I do remember These Dinosaurs
    [ame=]YouTube - dinosaurs tv show[/ame]

  8. I forgot all about that! SMOOO!

  9. haha good luck there's like over 500 I think
  10. I actually did this. My claim to fame. I catching them on blue, trading with my brother's yellow and finally my neighbour's red (he was like 7 years tounger than me), I caught all 150.

    I still remember the day I finally caught a kanghaskan in the safari park.

    I then restarted, so I could do the cheat to get mew, for the fun of it.
  11. I know! Fuck! And it doesn't help that some douche bag stole my Nintendo DS along with my Pearl & Diamond. :mad: Now all I've got is leaf green.
  12. these kinds of threads always make me depressed

  13. Dude I remember I did that cheat to get more Rare Candy and Master Balls where you use surf and find that weird looking thing. I caught him one time and my data got deleted I was so fucking pissed :mad:
  14. Shit son. I didn't realise you were going for all the new ones. Props to you.

    I actually went to a Diamond and Pearl promotion, to get Mew put on to my pokemon sapphire. I queued up a few times and took my brothers game with me too, ended up with like five for me, a few for my friends, and a few on his game.

    The kid who had the mew machine pretty much filled Oaks PC with mews on his game.

  15. Jus gotta remember the good ol times dude. All those memories you're never gonna forget
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    [ame=]YouTube - Back When: Tim Mcgraw[/ame]

    Remember these?

    DOS prompt.

    Windows 3.11.






    Rebuilding a WfW 3.11 manually because you don't have installation media.


    Calmira, (to make it look like Win95).

    IRFANviw.exe so you could edit your boot screen.

    Program Manager.

    File Manager.

    Trumpet Winsock.

    Stunts 1.0.

    SimCity 1.0.

    Wolf 3D.

    Dark Forces.

    F-22 Fighter Jet.

    DOOM 1.

    Duke Nuke 'em 3D.

    Using a command line, and though nothing of it.

    33.6Kbps internet connection via dialup, (and it was a long distance call).

    Long distance calls.

    "200 hours connected" in your ISP service agreement.

    5.25" floppy drives, (and they were actually floppy).

    720kb 3.5" "floppy disks" but they were hard.

    MacOS 4.0.

    Apple II GS.

    The Y2k non-problem.

    The collective media orgasm for 2 weeks because of the RTM of Win95.

    Booting to DOS, and having to type in "win" to get to Windows.

    Windows 3.11 For Workgroups.

    The "Turbo" button on 486's that gave you a whopping 33MHz.

    Floppy drives, (of any sort).

    Netscape Navigator.

    That one game where he's in a rain-forest, and you can't finish one level and you're still thinking about it 16 years later, (before Myst).

    You know what Myst is.

    You thought it was cool that you got 16 channels on your TV, but had to attach pop cans and everything else known to man to your antenna so you had that many channels.

    You hoped for bad weather and a cold front because it would improve TV reception in your room because you wanted to watch KAYU TV 28 that night.

    Editing autoexec.bat manually.

    You know how to manually create a DOS boot disk, and don't need to use the "SYS a:" command.

    Impressing people in computer lab by doing a "manual format" by deleting everything on the floppy drive by using "attrib -h -s -r *.*", and del *.*


    You even know how to use the command prompt.

    You know that there is a command prompt in modern version of windows.

    You know that the last version of Windows to include Program Manager is MS Windows XP Professional.

    You still use program manager, (because you can).

    If you have ever used NetBus.

    If you even know what Netbus is.

    If you remember the fastest internet connection available was at school.

    Tank Wars 1.0.

    When Adobe didn't own Macromedia.

    You still go to for flash and shockwave plugins.

    You're most easily recalled memory is playing Tank Wars in the ag shop in HS when you should have been doing your homework instead.

    MSN forums during class time.

    Copying software actually involved usage of floppy disks.

    Sneaker net.

    BBS dialing.

    Party phone lines.

    Rotary dial phones.

    Pulse dialing on phones with the latch hook because the keypad was locked out. (pulse dialing still works here)

    Shit man, I could go on all day. :)

  17. OMG hahaha I remember those, dude I caught my mom one time on that, I was like "mom is that you? WTF you doing on the party line" ahh good times
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    lol. I don't mean that way. :laughing:

    I mean picking up your home phone to use it, and not being able to because somebody else was at home on thier phone. You couldn't use the phone line because you were all on a local loop.

    If it was an emergency, you had to let whoever was on the line know you needed to call 911, and waited for them to hang up so you can use your phone to call in the EMT's. You had to depress the latch hook after the line went dead to get a dial tone to dial out.

    Wanna fuck with your neighbors? Take the phone off the latch and just leave it there. You'll tie up all 5 houses on your local loop. :D

  19. haha oh.... whoops lol

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