Remember when they banned the song cop killer? things have changed

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    hey all
    so yesterday sumthing sparked sumthin and i then remembered the fiasco  when this "band" came out
    so what do you yall think? do you think if this came out today it would ever stack up to what we see now?
    i loved the opening skit. lol
    i like the jelly donut part lol
    but not almost everyone else, they went all out and got the album "banned"

    idk, i think the little groups have other things to go after then the music we like to listen to. is there even anyone out there now that is controlversal?
    its weird how this guy who talked about killing a cop is now himself a cop on tv
    i guess everyone changes as they get older

  2. I paid $54.00 for this CD here in Canada back when it was released.
  3. Dont be dissin Ice, and nah there really isnt any music thats controversial except parents getting angry about what miley cyrus does on the weekend. But thats still not controversial music, thats a controversial "musician". Thats as far as it will go nowadays. A bad person, not bad music
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Cop Killer!

    Good choice

    What an awesome song
    yea i dont know wat is so bad bout miley lol
    i love how the media trys to up it self as each day passes
    remember charlie sheen lol
    the way the media was reporting him, it wa slike he was about to go on a coke binge and od
    remember the briefcase lol
    but yea, listeniing to old rap music, i can hear really is a story about their life and what they have experiance
    and ina way, some are saying that u dont want this life
    now u got fakes saying, my daddys adoctor, but i wana live that other life anyways
  6. Yo dawg, Ice T is still badass as Detective Finn Tutuola on Law & Order, watchu no bout dat yahmean?
  7. man I fucked coco

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