Remember when reality shows were actually real?

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  1. I was looking at a commercial for a reality show about the Gotti family... Supposedly it was based on the daughter of a mob boss John Gotti who died in prison and her 3 sons. Basically, overly exaggerated Italian stereotypes just like a lot of other reality shows were the negatives of races are shown... I am thinking back to when The Real World first came out in the 90's and that was the most real reality tv could be... Then, as time went on, "formulas" for drama were made to have certain personalities that would obviously clash.. Just kind of sad of the overly repetitive state of reality tv.

  2. I hate reality shows with a passion.

    X factor is awful

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  3. they show these atrocities on t.v. to turn us against each other. it's all garbage.
  4. ^^I agree with both of you guys. It is all garbage and I think it's downfall and demise is coming very soon.
  5. Me too!!

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  6. Oh yeah, I'm sure The Real World was just exploding with authenticity. 
  7. 'To Catch a Predator' seemed moar realistic..
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    The early 90's (especially with the gay guy who had Aids who had a boyfriend) was the realest. Specifically, it wast the first Real World San Francisco. Look up clips and you will notice the major differences of today's shows. The late 90's is when you started to see the fabricated bullshit and formulas such as the "race issue" episode, the "gay issue" episode, the "girl fight" episode, the "bf/bf" that cheated episode.
  9. I don't know anything about specific episodes. But if it was truly reality it wouldn't be on air. It just wouldn't receive good enough ratings. Producers selectively edit things, and situations are created. It appeared more authentic earlier on because there were no earlier episodes to compare it to. MTV put a foot in the grave when they came out with The Real World. But hey, water under the bridge. Even if it isn't authentic it did depict what it was like to be a teenager for many people. 
  10. They weren't teens.. they were in their 20's. All shows are edited on television, so just because it's a reality show doesn't make other shows pure and realistic either. If they didn't edit certain things, of course it would take months and months to finish a season. I agree that reality tv was the death of MTV and other networks, but at the same time, it's beginning was not the way it is now with overly dramatic music every few seconds and physical fights just because.
  11. I fell in love with the Jersey Shore and watched it from beginning to end.

    Personally I think MTV struck gold and sort of became responsible for the massive outbreak of reality TV.

    Since then, reality TV has been on an ever ending decline. More of them everyday but the quality just keeps getting worse.

    Oh that show Grand Benders is alright.
  12. I guess it just goes to show how much I know about that show.  Now, when I say edited I don't mean edited to fit the allotted time slot, but edited to create a certain narrative than otherwise might not have existed or had been as apparent. The Real World was never real, and it apparently got worse over time. By the time I was a teenager in the late 90's MTV was pretty much a joke. What a tragedy. 
  13. Yes, some story lines were created and no it wasn't "real" but it was the best back then. All because it wasn't about fighting all the time like it is today. As I said, you noted the late 90's which was it's demise as things got worse.
  14. Some of them were decent jack off material I suppose
  15. I like that shit when I was young...the real world with puck in it was the shit back then
  16. What?
  17. The end of MTV Live marked the death of MTV. It's simply in limbo now, waiting to be wiped away.
  18. I think it reality is probably going to be wiped out.  Look at that Honey Boo Boo mess, people are just getting tired of bs.  
    But then again, reality tv might just be evolving.  Look at shows like Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, Overhaulin'.  They are all technically reality shows yet they are booming in the ratings department.
  19. Reality shows have always been shit
  20. Yaaaass Cawd , YAASSS

    I loved the Jersey Shore . As soon as I saw Snooki take a punch , I knew this was the show for me .

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