Remember to contact your reps. in congress!

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  1. There are tons of initiatives going around this time of year, especially with a presidential election coming up in a year next November! Oregon, where I'm from, has the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 and they have over 30,000 signatures so far but need to gather over 125,000 to account for invaslid signatures (87,000 valid signatures I think) to get it on the ballot. Get on and print off a petition or several if you're in OR! If you're not a registered vote but still want to make a difference they have a link on the site to register.

    Help direct up to $200M in revenue for the state!

    Exponge people's Cannabis police records!

    Do away with Cannabis drug testing for employment!

    Create thousands of jobs!

    Let people grow their own or buy Cannabis in licensed businesses!

    Fund research on Cannabis!

    Allow hemp to be grown as a sustainable crop with over 10,000 uses!
  2. Contacting the media on these initiatives will help as well. The more publicity there is, the more support that will be drawn to our cause.
  3. True...the media will be jumping on it when it gets closer. I really think that if people stop and think they will vote yes...but getting enough people to think rationally?

  4. Most of the people dont think rationally compared to emotionally. When emotion is involved, people lose sense of much logic. In which case, writing to editors or others within the media of stories of the DEA raidings or this person lost their life to the unjust drug war. Essentially I am saying, using both logic and emotional debates will do more good than logic alone.

    Emotion draws them in, logic finishes the job.
  5. Truth. man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal.

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