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Remember that grow box thing

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Sunflower, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Okay a week or two ago someone posted a link with this grow box on it that looked sort of like a vertical fishtank of sorts. It sounded really sweet and I thought that I saved the link but it seems that I didn't. I'd hate to do this, but does anyone remember the tread.
    Yeah I know, search button. BUt I swear on my desire to smoke pot and my life eerrr... smoke pot that I have look up and down, left and right, and all that good shit.
    It was about 5 feet hight and about 2 feet in diameter. Black and ummm. that is about it.
    Thank you in advance,
  2. lol done that...
    i'll keep an eye out for it for ya.
  3. Well, I can't help you in terms of a link, but do you recall the name of it? If we're thinking of the same one, does the name "Monolith" sound familiar? I remember seeing a pretty cool growbox called The Monolith that was completely light-sealed, black exterior. I remember it was tall, but I don't remember much more about it. If it's not the same one, ignore what I said. =P

  4. Ya i remember seeing the Monolith, Dead Quiet, Light and air tight, remote controlled, no visible doors or openings.Just a Black Box, That is Genius!
    Im not too sure wot ure talkin bout, is it the one below by any chance?

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  6. damn... you guys kick ass. although i have to say no that is not the exact one I was looking for, it looks better.


    have to take a look at prices and all, though
  7. i take that back. the monolith looks cool as hell, but i could never make that.

    the one at thegrowbox.com looks nice.
    pricey, but nice.

    what do you guys think about one of these? if price was not an issue.
    i mean size wise, hps.
  8. Why dont ya just get sum wood, sum screws and some glue and build your own box!
    6 pieces of wood screwed and glued together and ure sorted!
    Keep It Simple and u cant go wrong!
  9. see, i would build one, but I am afraid of some electrical short or problem, which would lead to my closet afire and a very pissed off set of parents. Since, I am away at college during the week, I really don't want to mess up. my mom knows i grow but she thinks that it is in the woods and all. not in my closet. Just trying to be a responsible good boy. haha

    oh well,
    so i asume that these contraptions are pretty reliable and unlikely to spontaneously combust.

  10. Well they would have to meet safety regulations i guess?
    But nothing in this world is guaranteed,
    I honestly couldnt guarantee to you nothing will happen although its very unlikely,

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