Remember TECH DECKS????!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sk8njam, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Tech Decks are the shitttttttttttt....

    If you have any please post your pics, or even better post some video of you gettin down with em

  2. haha holy shit!

    yeah I do!
    I still gota ton of them, and even half pipes and tables and rails and shit:p
  3. yeah i did a video on how to make your tech deck cooler.
    [ame=]how to make your tech deck look cooler - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Yeah such a terrible investment.

  5. no....
  6. That kid looked insane in parts of that video.

    "It's a...TECH....DECK!"

    I remember these but I was never into skateboarding in any form.
  7. I put actual grip on mine.I used to play with those thing in school.I know some people I use to skate with that are now sponsored by them.Search youtube kyle walker.
  8. Sure do. I've still got two I keep on my windowsill.
    I got these particular ones on my second visit to the US, the year I started smoking I think. I love remembering that time, so thanks!:smoke:
    FLiP have always been my favourite company for the record.

  9. hell yea
    i always liked the blind decks the most
  10. Hell ya haha whenever we couldnt skate we'd post up with some new skate vids and grab some tech decks hahaha.

    the good ol days :)
  11. I love tech decks haha. A friend of mine personally knows the owner of the company that makes legit wooden tech decks. They sell for about $60 and he got me one for free. :cool:

  12. that kids eyes are cRAZZZZZZYYYYY hes rollin balls....lil young to be droppin E tho hahahaha

  13. goin to my moms today im gonna go through the old boxes in the shed and see if i can find my old boards and ramps...there should be a few funboxes, quarter pipes, and a bunch of rails...if i find em ill post some pics

  14. do u skate? i used to be so dedicated to blind boards then i started buying blanks cause it wasnt worth paying 50 bucks a deck for the graphics, thats really all you are paying for with a pro deck...i still love blind though
  15. I'm actually skating a flip now bro.
  16. omg those things?

    wow it's been so long haha
  17. I could never do tricks with em
    Just like a real skateboard.

  18. everything in life takes practice man

  19. post pics or vids if u can mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :)

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