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Remember my clear pipe? It's not clear no more!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Russian Roulett, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Do you have any before pics?
  2. wow man that turned out nice! I like the swirls
  3. i hope you feel good that you color changing glass actually changed. that pipe looks shitty ne ways. asshole

    This kind of post isn't welcome at the City AT ALL. Name-calling isn't cool here and disrespect definitely doesn't float. I'm not sure if you'll get another chance. *RMJL
  4. what the fuck is your problem cocksucker? His pipe is fine and it looks pretty damn good to me. The kid was happy his pipe got broken in and could take some resin hits, thats awesome. No need for you to come in here and tell him it looks shitty, take your negative vibes and get the fuck out.

    Despite how you feel about the member that you're responding to, try to respond without name-calling, please. *RMJL
  5. Yo skier, what the fuck bro? That was really not needed, get out of my thread, you not good person you.
  6. I honestly don't see where that negativity came from man. He's just showing off his pipe. -rep and post reported.

    Anyway, that pipe turned out pretty nice man, I think it looked pretty neat without the colour changed, all clear and stuff, you can watch it fill up with smoke! Nice pipe :hello:
  7. are you fucking serious? go somewhere else you fucking douche bag. -rep

    Don't respond with name-calling. Do what the other members do and report the post so that we can deal with it. *RMJL
  8. Thank you everyone for you good replies. Except for hippy skier, fuck that kid.
  9. sweet piece bro.. keep tokin' :)
  10. Color changed alright. Nice bowl. ;)
  11. That did change nicely. Good shit.
  12. Looks killer bro, how much you think you smoked outta it to get it that way?
  13. I got a color changing pipe too. Mine gets like that after a day of smoking, I clean it every day or two. I like how it tastes better when its clean though. Good looking pipe.
  14. That's a nice little pipe there dude :D
  15. Yeah, nice job on getting it all resiny. :D
  16. You are the reason for the revoultion. Get the fuck out, good bye
  17. haha i had a clear piece its not clear anymore neither my sherlock posted pics awhile back you should it see it now! ill post some new pics of how she looks now soon
  18. About an 1/8th, but I already hit about an oz in it already.

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