Remember GC island?

Discussion in 'General' started by suicidebonger, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. that's right... and it's my island bitch!

  2. Dude you were on the right side, even kids these days know "pass it to the left"
  3. Yeah people were all about it last time too.
  4. Hah I remember this... I think. Or maybe I just want to remember it. Was the thread made before 2011? Anyway, we'd probably all starve. The only supplies people would bring are weed and glass.

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  5. Last time was close to going through.
  6. left or right i'll grab dat blunt and pass you a coconut
  7. Yeah, why do I get the feeling this is gonna turn out worse the Lord of the Flies?
  8. I think there'd way to many problems for this to happen IRL. Not to be a downer or anything.
  9. hello sirs, when my prince uncle died he left me in possession of an island off the coast of nigeria. i need help paying the filing fees for the paperwork and after that it is mine.

    in return for 2500 american dollars to file the paperwork you may buy part ownership of the island. this investment will surely be returned tenfold!
  10. It would be really fucking cool if we actually got this sorted out. I spent the past hour thinking how cool it would be.
  11. This is fair haha
  12. I think someone actually started a crowdfunding account for it and some idiots put money in without so much as 1% of the logistics worked out, so I'm reasonably sure the thread was closed.
  13. @[member="snoopdog6502"] lol I kinda hope the island dosnt have wifi:p

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