Remember GC island?

Discussion in 'General' started by suicidebonger, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. We can get one in Canada for 30 grand :laughing:
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    WHERE MY SS DOO-DOO CREW AT? I'm the Admiral of this ship, bitches :laughing:
    For real though, if this ever actually happened I would be there straight away. Sick of never being near any like-minded people.
  3. I rememebre this from a couple years back.
  4. I was going to be the island sex sheriff. I remember that thread. Maybe one day it will happen.

    Omega369 :wave:
  5. An island, full of a bunch of stoners, with nothing to eat but fish and coconuts. Yeah right. If someone can supply a freighter full of food, I'm in.
  6. Only there ain't gonna be coconuts in Canada :/ I'm thinking like Caribbean/somewhere in the south Atlantic? Stay away from that damn radiation.
  7. Canada lol. Ice island
  8. aight you catch the fish and i'll take care of the eating part...  PASS THAT BLUNT THO
  9. Somebody should find out how many active users are on here and be willing to donate. Then find out how much we would each need to pay.

    Then if it did actually happen then we establish that island as a country with our own laws and shit. Aka weed is legal.

    Also you would need to prove that you're a member of gc to get into the island
  10. Ahh man, it's gone? I just got my swim trunks too... :/
  11. Ill cook the fish! Bring my spice rack n 'erb case. Gotta have a chef on the island!
  12. Hey atleast we will have some people who can grow some crops too lol
  13. dude i'm soooo soo soo in. if shit gets serious some one pm me. i'll throw down some dough. feel like it would mostly a sausage fest tho lol.

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  14. gilligan? lol
  15. Lol! That would be pretty awesome, nothing would get done though haha.
  16. This right here^. If there's no vageen to get in between, then I'm no where to be seen.

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  17. I would be on board if the money went through GC in some kind of escrow. I'd be willing to toss down about 400 bucks.

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