Remember GC island?

Discussion in 'General' started by suicidebonger, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. What happened to that whole thing?

    Haha and how crazy does that sound in retrospect, like we were gonna buy a FUCKING ISLAND and live in a mystical 420 all day every day culture hahaha damn

    By any means necessary
  2. :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:
  3. We got high :laughing:
  4. i'm still on the island waiting for everyone to show up...
  5. was this before my time or did I take a weed nap and miss it
  6. Which side? I'm over here by the big tree with the birds in it! Oh shit, I see you. I'll be right over..
  7. bring some water...  all i have is a fuck load of coconuts 
  8. I will captain the sail boat and lead the fishing crew. :D
    Fish tacos anyone?
  9. aight i'm 1st mate
  10. I'm on the side with all the penguins.....fuck yeah.
  11. I don't eat fish, but nothin beats fishing with a blunt hangin out my mouth.
  12. Island better have WIFI LOL
  13. Even better! It has highfi!
  14. I think a mod deleted that thread and banned someone for scamming money lol
  15. This is actually plausible. Islands don't cost THAT much. Couple mil I think. We all pitch in, I don't see why not..... :)
  16. We each pitch a couple thousand and were good!
    I believe there have been multiple threads over the years about this. If you do some research and find us an island within our budget, well talk. And smoke weed.
  17. Hahah I remember that shit.

    I think I was down for $200. (yeah right)

  18. + rep! I thought I was the only weirdo that liked to go fishing but didn't eat fish lol! And with a blunt heellll yeeaaaaahhh.
  19. Haha, good times.
  20. Sounds like a plan. Everybody give me some money. I'll hold on to it for safe keeping :laughing:

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