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Remember back when...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pantlessdrummer, May 26, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to ask if anyone remembers the first time they hit the bong or smoke a blunt and you got that tingly feeling before you put your lips to what you were smoking... oh good times

    Random as shit but when you first started were you guys afraid of smoking bongs with people other than your core circle? it freaked me out at first cause i thought i wouldnt match up ha
  2. I take a fair share of T-breaks and every time I light up again I get a rush of excitement just before the smoke hits my lips.
  3. ya man, i remember that feeling. The first bong i ever smoked was a 4ft. roor. It was with some of my cousins friends who were like 5 years older than me.ha i was pretty nervous. Now i gotta go on a 1 year tbreak, so ill be pretty blazed when im done.
  4. haha yeah the first time i saw a bong i was like wtf, i'm gonna have to try that after watching someone else do it. i remember the first time i coughed into my own bong on accident, that shit was hilarious looking back on it now.
  5. Sometimes i get that tingly feeling when i just smell the weed. :)
  6. A one YEAR tbreak? And I thought mine was bad... I've only got from May 4 til June 17 so like 6 wks. 3 weeks from tomorrow! w00t.

    Anywho, why on earth would you not toke for that length of time??! :confused:
  7. Sameee. Aww i miss weed so bad right now. Oh well, it'll all be worth it in the end :D
  8. i remember the giggles
  9. I still get the giggles haha waaay to much ha

    but you got a year? i should be laying off for four years which sucks floppy donkey dick :/

  10. I sat here looking at your signature about the drunk drivers and the stoners waiting for green and I read it 10 times trying to figure it out with the biggest shit eating grin on my face.

    To the op I remember when taking a hit and I would get the shrills because of how strong the smoke is.
  11. i just remember coughing for about 3 minutes straight
  12. to the point where you thought you were gonna puke! hahaha ohhh good times
  13. definitely

  14. Loll yea... i saw that somewhere and thought to myself, well that pretty much sums up my views in a nutshell! So I added it to my sig ;)

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