Relocating a Plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by phosfake, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So, I've been lurking the outdoor growing section for a while and I've refrained from asking questions. Usually the search button helped me out. But lately my little plant has been suffering, so I came to ask some help.

    I was ill-prepared and planted my seeding (about 3 weeks old, 4 inches) outdoors. I didn't choose my spot very well, as I found out later that it doesn't get much sunlight.

    The plant has now grown to about a foot tall (albeit it is now almost 2 months later).

    The Problem: My plant is now getting eaten alive, and has barely been growing at all. My areas has had a lot of rain lately, and I believe the ground is too wet for it to grow. Also, with a lack of sunlight, it gives a prime spot for bugs to feast.

    My Solution:
    I am considering relocating the plant to a spot about 8-10 feet away that I have watched receive full sunlight (8-12 hours depending on weather).

    My Question: How do I go about digging up and moving my plant?

    Thank you in advance, I know you guys will be a great help. :wave:
  2. alright i can help you. if you doing out door i am thinking you dug a big hole and put your soil of choice. dig out at least 10 inche radiace from your plant and than put it in a pot for however long you need to and than put back in ground in new spot. just make sure your not cutting off alot of roots if its only 4 inches you should be good....

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