Reloaded for 2nd Attempt, 60 Day Wonder

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    Hello again GC, I am back for a second go around. This time I have some known seeds that should guarantee a successful harvest if all goes well.
    Update 9-14; Eve pistils (Post 75)
    Update 9-18; Loca pistils
    Update 9-26; Loca Hermied :(
    Update 10-12 Eve Flushed (Day 59)

    Wish me luck

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  2. 8:00pm, added two seeds to a plastic cup with water.
  3. what made you choose an auto strain?
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    Finished my set-up for my grow pic below. Still waiting for the seeds to do their thing so as soon as it does I will update again.
    List of what is involved in my current grow is as follows but not limited to,

    Current watts 249w
    1- 150 w Sun System HPS
    4- 225 LED Quad Band light panels
    2- 225 LED Red panel (added for flowering cycle)
    1- Florescent light w/ 3000k and 4200k bulbs.
    1- Grow Tent 48x24x60 lined with mylar
    1- 3.5 Gallon Passive Hydro Garden w/ 2 pots 6.5x6.5x6.5 & electric air pump
    1- 8 slot power strip w/ surge protection
    1- TDS w/ temp indicator
    1- Bottle of calibration liquid for TDS
    1- 10inch fan
    1- 5 inch fan
    1- 15lbs of Hydroton
    7- Gallons of distilled water only
    2- PH testing liquid (I use this in conjunction with the TDS for more accurate readings)
    1 box- latex gloves for handling
    1 set- Flora series nutrients
    1- Bottle of Flora nectar for that sweet taste and smell
    1- Bottle of Floralicious Plus
    1ea- PH up, PH down
    1- Heavy-duty timer
    1- 30x magnifying glass
    1- Hygrometer ($8)
    Will be growing 2 Feminised 60 Day Wonders.

    I had tried a photo-period type so I decided to try an automatic because of the quick turn around I can get. 60 days isn't a long time to wait so by mid October I am looking at this harvest. I also have more photo-period requiring seeds so, I am not discriminating :smoking:

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    One of the two seeds germinated 48 hours later only after I scoured the seed a little.
    I had put one in a cup of water and moved the other, which germinated first, to a paper towel I had damped with water.
    I went ahead an moved it to the rock-wool soon after I seen the root tip sticking out.
    So far the water in the cup and the moist paper towel have worked for me in germinating seeds.

    As soon as I get the other to germinate I will update the journal again.

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  6. Yo Pastivity wat up man..i must say i love your setup.ill be looking to do the same when mine are finished and when we move house.i just love them panels, looks like you have all you need for this to go good. looks sweet in there,if they dont grow under that amount of leds nothing will lol.cant wait to see them get could be a pionear of leds man,pave the way for others.ill check back soon so get some pics up when they pop.good look dude talk soon
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    Im in!

    Oh, one thing to mention. Make sure you spray down absolutely everything with a diluted bleach/water mixture before you get some new plants started. You want to make sure you kill any pollen in that room that could have come from the prior grow attempt.
  8. Nice setup man, good luck with the grow :smoking:
    Im harvesting 2 LR2's next week, cant wait :D
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    The first seedling is working her way up the medium. As for the other seed, I had taken it out and switched it with another one.
    The replacement has been moved to the wet paper towel method.
    I am happy at the moment that I have one going right now.

    Thanks guys for stopping by. I did wipe down the whole inside of the tent before I replaced the hydro system. I feel as though I have sufficient lighting for this grow. The leds with the florescent light brighten the whole tent up really good. G4Ganja, how much nutrients did you end up giving your LR2s?

  10. Not too much, I used advanced nutrients Micro/Grow/Bloom, didnt keep track of the exact amounts i was givin them, think it was about 5ml/L but i didn measure it out... It was just guess work, sometimes more, sometimes less, but they've turned out alright.. I'll keep track of everythin properly for my next grow.. Which i think is gunna be a Trainwreck SCRoG...
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    Day 0
    Quick update, she made it to the top :D
    Not really sure how sensitive to nutrients these plants are; hopefully not too much.
    I still have time to look some info up but, it is difficult finding usable information on this strain.
    Next week sometime I will begin giving nutrients at 25% recommended strength.

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  12. I kept track of feedings and stuff like that for a time, then I got to the point where I would just give them what they asked for instead of a "schedule feeding time" No harm no foul right?
    I wasn't able to harvest anything from my first attempt but, I was able to maintain the plants for a long period of time and did see a "male" come to term eventually towards the end.
    Good experience though.

    I'm hoping I can get seed #2 in the system before I add the nutrients so I don't have to worry about transporting it later. I still have time.
  13. I wouldnt give em any nute's yet.. I waited til mine were about 2 weeks before giving em roughly 1/4 strength solution..
    Im a noob to growing tho, so get other opinions, but i think from what ive read that you shouldnt give em any until they can handle em.. Maybe a really weak solution, idk... :eek:
    Good luck anyway man :smoke:

    (edit: sorry, didnt notice that ud already put that you waitin til next week... im baked)
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    Its all good let me catch up to ya :smoke:
    But yea I would like to add another to my set-up as is but, if things don't work out that way then atleast I have one :D

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  15. Hey Pastivity... saw you on the LED social group and thought I would drop by your grow. I'm v interested to see what your experience of this 60 day wonder strain is as I was considering growing it myself but then decided to fall back on a auto strain I know is 100% reliable and yielded the best for me (Joint Doctor EasyRyder). I managed to get some decent results with LED and CFL with autos. They are absolutely perfect for LED because they stay small(ish). Can't wait to see if you actually manage to crop at 60 days or not since I heard a lot of mixed reports on how long people were finding 60 day wonder take to do. I seemed to get the impression they took 70days for hte mostpart. I also couldn't get a decent picture of yield. EasyRyders take at least 77days for me... Lowlife White Russian and auto blueberry were my fastest autos and took 70days bang on. Easy Ryders are giants. I got about 2oz per plant.Whereas all my other autos only gave me about 20-30gs. V interested to see how your grow goes. Subscribed! :)
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    Day 1
    Well, I was surprised to see the new growth this morning.
    As an experiment I had begun the grow with my red led panels still over the top of the plants and the quad band panels on the sides.
    The plant had begun to aim itself at the closest panel which was the quad band.
    So now I will replace the red panel with a quad band one and see if I can get a change in direction.
    This will help me better accommodate the others to follow. :D

    Welcome flippa, one of my reasons for choosing the 60 wonders were because of the small frames these plants would have. A perfect test for my set up. I am trying to determine the limits of my hydro-system and with the added leds in there, these plants should have plenty of light.
    The yield I get can help me figure if I have sufficient lighting or not for other grows as well.
    Depending on how I do with these I may have to get some easy ryder myself @ 2oz. a plant :smoke:

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  17. Have sent you a PM. Btw... I hope you don't have bad luck with your feminised autos. Hopefully this will not affect you but last time I grew 8 autos to start with... all feminised and all different strains. 2 autos were stunted and demented. The remaining 6 turned out to be half male and half female! I was pretty annoyed and immediately stuck in another few seeds to replace the males. It's great that autos show up sex so quick but you gotta be quite wary of some autos for weird characteristics... be that not actually going full auto... stunting... defects.. etc. I have planted another 8 ER for my current grow and they all look fine so far but am looking forward to finding out how good these ER feminised seeds really are. So far have grown 2 of them previously and my mate grew a couple of my spare seeds.... they were all female. So it makes me believe Joint Doctor ER has great feminised genetics. Also be v wary of new auto strains unless there is lots of documentation on web saying they are a reliable strain. If you hit day 30 and no flowers yet... most likely your plants are not full auto but require 12/12. Cheers!
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    More pics of set-up 2. The change in panels did make the plant aim upwards.

    Thanks for the advice flippa :cool:

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  19. this could just reveal my naivety on matters of LED lighting technology (as i myself have never used them), but it strikes me as odd how far the overhead panel is from the top of the plant. will this not cause the seedling to stretch? just wondering.:smoke:
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    Finally had the replacement for seed #2 germinate after I scoured the heck out of it. Down to the coconut looking meat. :laughing:

    I move the lights for the pictures. They are about five inches away from the top of the first plant.

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