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  1. I just finished downloading and watching this movie... And the last two minutes place number one on my top ten scariest movie moments ever list. I suppose my opinion is skewed, cause as much of a douchebag as Bill Maher is, Ive always thought hes fucking right.

    The part that got to me was when he brought up the idea that all these different religions have the same idea that their deity will return to kill off all other religions and save their own. When you think about it, and realize that mankind is going to annihilate itself with nuclear weapons because we dont believe the same fairy tales, it makes you think... Maybe the Rapture IS gonna come... In the form of a fucking H-bomb.

    Scary, depressing, fascinating... Its an odd world we live in.

  2. Yes very odd. Maher is not right about much.

  3. Haven't seen the movie, but I do know that I pretty much hate how Bill Maher puts most things.
  4. Care to elaborate?

    Ive always known Maher's an obnoxious loudmouth, but I cant help but think it comes from growing up in a nation whose roots are buried deep in ignorance, fear, racism, etc etc etc

    And its frustrating as fuck when nobody wants to listen to reason... :(
  5. I disagree maxrule..i think he's right about quite a bit.
  6. Really? My fellow blades have no opinions on this? Maybe I should have posted pics of the last dimebag i bought instead.

    Shameless bump :rolleyes:
  7. im interested predator please dont shoot me with that laser beam mounted on your shoulder,lol.

    You got a point, it very scary to think about the end of the world especially these days. I know every generation has thought that they would see the end of the world but, im almost certain that ours will be the real ones to see the end of the earth. theres too many factors involved right now for it not to happen. And your are correct at some point nuclear war will happen, its just a matter of time. Hell we are only like 10 years into the 100 year war, that is the real name of the war going on right now. it will never end, it makes me sad cause i would love to visit those countries but sadly ill never see them intact. oh yea and Bill is a loud mouth, he has some valid points sometimes but i cant watch him at all, i just stare at that HUGE nose. yo ucould ski on that sumabitch
  8. i loved it. The part where he was interviewing theme park jesus, with all the crazzy christians around was classic. i never really cared for ole bill, but after this one i kinda like the guy

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