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  1. If anyone is a fan of Bill maher or watch his show on HBO, he is coming out with a movie about religion. Bill Maher is highly against religon so if you are a die hard christian, cathloic, etc i suggest you don't see. I'm athiest and i love bill maher. He also smokes marijuana(i think thats what my friend told me) so + more rep for him. Heres a preview of it
  2. I'm gonna have an atheist orgasm over this. I've been waiting for a documentary like this forever. Now that Ben Stein has put out his horrible excuse for a documentary, and even more horrible excuse for scientific argument against evolution, we can finally watch something of more logical sustenance.

    There is no better man for the job; there will be no better documentary scrutinizing religion. I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks for the link. Great Preview.
  3. I just saw the trailer and had to watch it again twice. I'm definetly gonna see it baked :smoke:.

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