Religious use of marijuana?

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  1. I saw a while back a link to site talking about the religious use of marijuana for christians, and how they will send you a card. but my question is, since rastafarians consider marijuana a sacrament, can they use it in the US legally for religious use? and if not, why not? isnt that part of freedom of religion?
  2. That was Temple420 or something along those lines.. Heard it got closed down, but I'm not sure.
  3. I love getting high enough to talk to God. peace
  4. no they can't use it legally just because it's a part of their religion. you have the freedom to choose any religion you like, but that religion still has to respect and follow the laws of the US.

    it's just like how satanists can't go around sacrificing people left and right, it's against the law.

    I believe the only situation in which they ok doing certain things for religious sake that's actually against US laws is for native americans, but then again, they live on reservations which aren't under US law.
  5. Someone could argue that point and take it to the Supreme Court, and then it'd be up to them. But don't have too much hope of a victory, I'm sure they'd put it down for some reason. Theoretically though, yes you could argue it and take it to court. Practically, no because you're not gonna win the case.
  6. If you think about it. Religions do get away with things. Such as, the Christians. They drink a shot of wine and a piece of bread without yeast. Anyone that has been baptized can drink the wine. Wine has alcohol in it. People under 21 get baptized. How do they let them do that?

  7. In my experience in christianity, it has always been some sort of fruit punch.
  8. You don't know? They use non-alcoholic wine in most places...
  9. i think the deal is if in court, you can make a case that show:
    what you are doing is harmless to yourself and others
    and that it is deeply rooted in your religion

    if a christian church tried to get the ok to serve a shot of wine to anyone, im sure they could

    rastafari, on the other hand, is a pretty new, especially in religious standards, religion, and is not really very deeply rooted with anything. also the us doesnt recognize marijuana as anything but harmful. they would have a hard time making a case.
  10. as a young catholic, i had many sips of alcoholic wine. i can verify that it was alcoholic from my experience as a an altar server. not only was it alcoholic wine, but it was wine a box... nasty.

    i think that the difference between the christians use of wine and the rasta's use of cannabis is that christians take only a sip of wine, which, at least in the catholic faith is watered down during the mass. even if a under-21 chugged the whole cup of wine they would not feel any effects. smoking cannabis does not follow the same pattern, because one hit may even have a strong effect on the user due to the potency of modern marijuana, and the individual's tolerance.
  11. See, in America we have this group of old white guys in robes that intrepret the constitution however they wish. The consitution can be interpreted to protect your rights, or ignore them.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    My interpretation of this would be that religious groups should be allowed to use drugs...But then, I also think anyone should be allowed to use drugs...

    But no way in hell I will ever get the chance to wear one of those robes, this power is given only to a few elite...Oh, and according to the constitution, judicial review is unconstitutional. It ain't in there...Marbury VS Madison created it out of thin air.

    Now I'm not saying the Supreme Court is all bad, but it's just something to think about.
  12. For one thing, Satanists don't sacrifice people.

    We don't let Mormans practice polygamy.

    I believe Rastafarian's have taken the case to the supreme court but it failed. I don't see how though, precedent was set with Peyote and the Native American Church.
  13. Why not let evryone get a joint if the christians get a shot?
  14. A sip of wine is a bit different then a shot and the wine has deep religious roots.

    And alchocol is legal
  15. The Supreme court usually rules with a fair mind and usually facilitates social changes for the better. (Cept for Plessy v Ferguson )
  16. alcohol is legal, giving it to minors isn't and even good Christian knows you start going to church like the day you're born :p

    I wish we could smoke herb in the name of the Lord, but the government screws with everyone's religious activities, although if church and state are suppost to remain seperate shouldn't we be able to blaze in church and be okay? Not that I would ever do such a thing, just a thought.

    Seems to be up. Looks like it re-launched.
  18. I'm not a religiuos man, at least in the popular interpretation of the word, but if I was... I think I could use weed to do some amazing praying and connecting with god.

    I make amazing connections with myself when high, and figure out some crazy shit too, so I'm pretty sure I could turn weed into a religious thing quite easily. I already use it to help further enlighten me.

    I love weed.

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