religious story with a cop! and a bong serious stuff though!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iceyfresh1324, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So I blitzed out one night and ended up forgetting to put my bong away knowing that my aunt was coming the next morning and left the door unlocked too. I woke up and she told me I was in tons of trouble. I went back to bed.... (It's my crib, she don't tell me what to do!!!! haha) Anyway I woke up and she lectured me a little then went to my sister's house to get her and her BF. When she got back I told her that I threw it in the river ( Maaaaaaan) and I very seriously doubt that she blieved me. Then religion got on topic after she stopped talking about me being a pot head and what not. I spoke out all kinds of refutable evidence against christianity... and then asked her what evidence she had... She actually said "There isn't any way that it's not real, there's a book, it's called the BIBLE!" LOL..... you have to laugh.. she said muslims don't know what they are talking about and mormons too... but don't they have a book too?! lol. To everyone who reads this... do me, the world and our species a favor and educate yourself on both sides of religion and everything for that matter... especially politics. Knowlege is the key. Once you are educated on actual events and true evidence, not folklore, a whole world of questions will reveal itself. From there, reality is obvious.
  2. wheres the cop come in?
  3. maybe his aunts a cop? i dunno.
  4. probably he was getting chased by a cop, and in between typing he kept adding "cop" everytime a guy dressed in black walked by.
  5. lol. I need to stop getting high, starting threads, then forgetting about them. I thinks thats why I stopped posting, I figured I was just a spammer. yes my aunt is the cop I was talking about, which sucks cuz now things are all ackward around her. but I think she is chill with it
  6. i heard once that the true purpose of religion was created in order for a few select people to be on top. Also to make a heck load of money. :rolleyes:
  7. No offence but it sounds like your aunt is a nutjob.
  8. Yeah religion sucks, there really is less than a .1% chance any of it is true, but nooo, people blindly follow it anyway. It's a fatal flaw of the human race.

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