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  1. wow thats fucking insane. i do partially believe some of the stuff shes talking about... but that is NOT the way to get your message across. doing the stuff she does is just going to turn more people against god... *sigh...*
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  3. damn, what a crazy bitch
  4. Look at her fake smile at the beginning. That is horrible. She is a tool of ideology. For once, I've seen Hannity say something I respect.

    But God, I feel like Colmes, only towards most people who follow established religion.
  5. First i would just like to say fuck fox news, and secondly that lady is a nut bag, but you would think that fox news having such close ties with the president would be a little more accpting of someone who is god fearing becasue bush always says hes a religeous man but yet does so many things that are anti-god like wars and such but yet wont allow gays to do whatever it is they are tyring to do and the abortion thing, its so contradictory.
  6. I really left the computer to throw up in my bathroom. That is plain sick.

    It is people like that that give Christianity a bad name. I know that Chrisitans, in general, do not behave in such a manner. But people like her, and whoever can say those horrible things, need to get their ass beat.

    Then we can sodomize them, to guarantee their souls to eternal damnation in HELL! YEE HAW!

    Not really. But still so fucked up.
  7. From the makers of Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, Barney vs. Big Bird comes....

    Fox news vs. someone ACTUALLY more stupid

    Hmmm... I wonder what the punnishment for extreeme stupidity and right wing extreemism is... oh no I know what it is... she'll be president in a few years !!!BA-ZING!!!

    But seriously the thing that REALLY gets me is those EYES... FUUUUCK!!! Mad staring eyes...
  8. haha think thats bad?

    Fred Phelps is a perfect cantidate for american torture methods :D
  9. I could not even watch this through. I do not believe that God punishes people, he simply takes a step back out of your life. I hope she does not think that this helps Chritians, this is what breaks the fabric of our people, she iz crazy. I just don't think any one can sit back and call out a whole nation "YOu are bad , YOu are a sinner, and You r being punished b/c you are horrible, and I hate gays and God hates gays and I am right and nothing you say will ever change my mind, and I am a crazy ass bitch, and you will alll burn in hell!" Not cool and not a good way to portray yourself, not to mention the fact that she is going to funerals( I thought that is what was said). NOW THAT IS JUST FUCKED UP.... If this lady showed up to a wake or anything having to do with a dead person and tried to have a little pitty party for herself and friends I would beat her and her religous nut job friends into the dirt(someone screams "WORD!" in the backround).........Disrespectful.... Fuck em' JOE>

  10. Notice that the woman's name in the "religious nut" video is Shirley Phelps Roper. Same church. Same family. Same nutcase views.
  11. oh yeah. holy shit, they're reproducing?

  12. Yeah... unfortunately. The woman in the vid is Fred Phelps' daughter.
  13. im not generally a violent person but after having watched that i want to kick the shit out of that lady. imagine if those assholes were at a relative of yours funeral saying they deserve to die, id want to kill them.

    and its too bad too cuz for the most part wut christianity teaches is good but wen people like this get into it it gets taken out of context and then there not much better than the terrorists were at war with.

    i gotta calm down now, gonna smoke a bowl or 2:bongin:
  14. If those are the people going to Heaven, then I want to go to hell.

    Ha, nah. Jp. I dont' believe in any of that shit and what's going on with those people is a cult. I'm gonna dance on their grave once they all take their special punch and kill themselves.

    Edit: God hates I guess lesbians are okay in Jesus' eyes? Shweet.

  15. There's a high school two blocks away from my house. The students were starting a gay/straight alliance club at the school. The day they were to have thier first meeting, the Reverend (HA!) Fred Phelps' congregation was there to protest with their "God Hates Fags" placards. I had thought about going to counter protest, but figured I'd cross some line somewhere and kick some religious zealot ass! Being the non-violent person that I am, I didn't want it to come to that. As it turned out, they only protested to the empty streets for a couple of hours... it was a Saturday.

    There's not much in this Life that I hate, but those people are on my list. :mad:
  16. That website has a huge list of people that they claim are doomed to hell, including the pope and Ronald Reagan. They're think that Martin Luther King was great though (didn't see that coming).

  17. Are you out of your mind? There's not one thing she says that is believable. You're insane!

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