Religious God and Stability

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    Those who believe in religious God seek stability, that something has everything under control. Which is true, something does have something under control. It seems this is a world where everybody or most everybody believes yet knows nothing. Is our biggest addiction the belief in God? Religiously.
  2. Yeah, a lot of people feel the need to make conclusions about things which there are no evidence of. You'll often hear the dullest minds say things like, "If you don't believe in God, what is your explanation for how the universe was created?"

    Why do we need an explanation based on ignorance? People are very uncomfortable with not knowing things. I'm sorry, but the verdict is out on that one. You'll need to be patient and not fill gaps in knowledge with stuff that you pull out of your ass.

    But also, people believe, I think, for simpler reasons. Belief is more of a product of culture than anything. Suppose TheJourney was born among the bush people of Botswana. He wouldn't be spouting the nonsense he does today, because he simply wouldn't have access culturally to this species of thinking(let alone computer access). Instead he would adopt whatever superstitions the bush people of Botswana adopt.

    So it's not necessarily always the case that people believe for reasons that relate to their desires, like a discomfort with ignorance, or thoughts like "Believing in god gives my life meaning", etc. It's just that they were born into Christian parents and indoctrinated. This is the case for the majority religious people, imo.
  3. There's zero evidence to support that claim.
  4. Fortunate are those who experience their religious convictions rather than merely holding onto them.- my Teacher

    edit: What I don't get is if there was a formation of rocks that created an intricate peice of art nobody in the world would believe it formed by chance, yet an entire Universe can be "just random matter attracted via gravity" lol.
  5. When has there ever been an "intricate piece of art" formed by rocks? I hate these disgustingly weak analogies for explaining why you believe god has to exist.
  6. Nothing has Something not under control.

  7. I'm not saying there has, but what I'm saying is despite the almost impossible odds of this Universe coming together and producing life the way it does people can pass it off as "oh it's just random chance" but if something similarly complex (nothing could be similarly complex) was found in nature there wouldn't be a soul who thought that "it just happened by chance". Unless of course someone told you "well, it's TECHNICALLY possible", that someone being "reputably intelligent" of course.

  8. Maybe life on earth doesn't look like random chance if your scope on the universe is so narrow as the earth. But look at the trillions of stars in just our galaxy alone. Each one can have any number of planets/moons revolving around it. Seemingly, most do not support life, and as far as what we've observed.. we're the only planet that currently supports life. Seems pretty lucky to me.

    If you keep your scope on everything as narrow as just our planet, your mind will stay just as closed.
  9. :rolleyes:
  10. Appeal to beauty, in the context of logical fallacies when arguing the origin of natural phenomenon go something like this "X's aesthetic qualities are such that it would be impossible for it to occur naturally."

    There's even a meme now due to how frequently people argue this way, called "Look at the trees." It's basically a conversation stopper when discussing god. You have a long, stressful debate, and someone says "Look at the trees!" This is when you walk away.

    The universe is gorgeous. Gas clouds are so pretty. Therefore, God created it. Good one. Wait til the scientific community hears about this. It all came from the spirituality forum on a website devoted to cannabis, of all places.

  11. Stones Self Organize Into Circles:



    "It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: stones arranging themselves into perfect circles or elaborate labyrinths. But the forces behind these mysterious patterns, which are commonly found in many polar and high alpine environments, are much more pedestrian--simple cyclic freezing and thawing of the surrounding ground. A numerical model that can account for the unusual patterns is described in the current issue of the journal Science.
    These circular stone formations have puzzled scientists for a very long time..."

    Whatever the medium, self organization is the most natural thing in the world. Inability to comprehend natural phenomenon does not require supernatural explanations.
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    that's amazing. nature is spectacular without slapping a creator to it.
  13. maybe nature is god? ;)

  14. Maybe God is strictly and solely the contents of my cat's litterbox.:hello:
  15. It really doesn't matter whether you believe in something or you don't - it's all about knowing what you feel and feeling what you know.

    Someone who has no concept of something 'greater than themselves' cannot be 'brought into line' by a good logical argument. They cannot understand what is not a part of their life. In order to do that they would have to allow for the possibility of something outside of their current understanding, and be ready to accept only what they subsequently come to know to be true based upon their experiences and their experiences alone. In such a state of mind all things are possible.

    If the idea that there is something truly magnificent for us to come to know about the Universe that hasn't been understood/discovered/felt so far becomes a possibility in someone who doesn't currently feel this way, it's only a matter of time before it's realised.

    We really do create our own reality. The key word is not create but reality. Once you understand that everything changes.
  16. Who said it was random? How can you assume anyone who has said such a thing is correct?
  17. Did you just try to say that people who don't believe in an intelligent designer are people who "can't accept something greater than themselves" and can't be brought into line by "logic"?

    What fucking logic is there for the existence of something "greater than ourselves"?

    Ignorant creationists.
  18. That could never be true! Your just insane, man! How could "god" create nature?

    You see? This last "theory" could hold true for the creation of the universe, and EVERYTHING in it!
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    To me? The fact that we can't create humans.. Sure, we can clone. But wouldn't you need a human in order to do it?

    Also think about "being" created. Do you think it is possible TWO "beings" evolved simultaneously male and female? If not, that would mean the first "being" was female correct? But how did she conceive? hmmm...

    Now let me ask you this. Do you think that maybe.. just maybe.. the evolution process is all just the process of creation?
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    These things aren't proof that an intelligent designer exists. At all. You're imposing your belief structure as some kind of evidence, when it's clearly not.

    Maybe when people stop pretending their wild conjecture is any kind of tangible proof that their "god" or "designer" or whatever exists we can have an intelligent discussion

    edit: We create humans by having sex. A biological process. That is junior high biology right there.

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