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  1. I've been dry now for about a week, (unless you include stems:mad:) but the last few times I've smoked I have grown a lot closer to God. It's hard to explain, but I've felt as if I've become much closer not only to God but to two of my good friends. I've come to the realization that life should be lived one day at a time and to live each day as if it were your last, during which I actually found myself crying with joy. I've also embraced a Rasta way of life. Not only this, but I feel like I'm closer to my best friend who committed suicide last December than I've ever been. Has anyone else had any profound experiences like this?
  2. all the time my friend. hopefully a mod will see this and stick it in the spirituality and philosophy forum where it will get more exposure.
  3. Oh, sorry about posting in the wrong section. I've been lurking around GC for the 4 months but I'm new to the whole posting thing. Getting back on subject, herb has changed my life for the better.
  4. Difference between religious experiences and spiritual experiences...
  5. i have had a very enlightening and almost spiritual experiences with weed
    i saw things differently and i felt infinite its hard to describe
    but i felt like i could do anything and i was in my own world
    i could also visualize some intense stuff
  6. not really religious but i do notice since ive began smoking i feel more emotion, actually care more about things, i guess as alcohol can bring out the worst in someone, the Herb brings out the best haha
  7. Next time report the thread so we can get to it more quickly. :)
  8. Nah son but I wish maybe I had, sounds like your real happy about life at least man and thats great. Life is really only as good as you make it.

    But hey, about your bud situation. Did you try shaking the kief off the stems with a screen and plastic bottle / pill bottle method?

    It works nice, you get a lot more then u think u would.
  9. i apologize, i didnt know you could do that. :eek:

    about the OP...the spiritual enlightenment i have gained through using cannabis has been quite immense. when under the influence of cannabis, my mind and body are already at such a peaceful and serene state that its possible to accept almost anything that gets thrown my way; the things God wants me to hear being the most important of those.

    i too have had moments where i am so filled with joy that i weep, and what a beautiful experience that is.
  10. Im not sure about relig exp but sometimes when i get really baked ( sometimes when i just get a little buzz going) i get these thoughts of how my life is going. I sit and think about it, whats wrong with me how to fix it. I sometimes get dread because i think about how i acted that day or the day befor and feel that i acted very manic and not in real controll.
    Guess you could call it a moment of clarity although i dont have many major problems in my life

    But as far as the religon experiance i hear that some people use it just for that:confused:. so not sure my friend to each there own is all i can really say
  11. And speaking of me being dry, I just picked up a 30 sack of some beasters about an hour ago. I'll post on how it smokes later on tonight for those who are interested.

  12. yes. :eek:
  13. I feel the interconnection between all. I am at peace within myself, if that counts as religious or not, I don't know. I am more aware of my own positve side, and less transfixed by the worlds shortcomings, or my own inadequacies. I love outwardly better with weed!
  14. Yeah, definitely should NOT have used the word religious. I'm actually quite against religion, despite my strong relationship with Jah.
  15. I fucking hate religion, but spirituality is a wonderful thing.
  16. For me, if it brings joy to people, good for them. If they try and force it upon you, that's when I say fuck you.

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