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  1. OK, so I'm new here. And every time i join a forum I always ask this.

    What religion is everyone here? I am Pantheist, the universe is my god.

    (considering that the sun, the earth, the galaxy, and ultimately the universe is responsible for my miserable existence.)
  2. Pantheist FTW brotha! Cheers! (also, I believe Jesus was pantheist and Christ just represents all of our connection("holy spirit"). We are in Heaven)
  3. Well, as heaven as its gonna get.
  4. Agnostic Atheist but I'm still interested in spirituality, consciousness, history of religions, their mythology, etc. Many of the topics that Im interested in, make up big part of the areas that religion touches.
  5. i too love mythology (especially norse) and I love studying religious history.

    I think ashera is probably the most interesting thing i've found out about religions
    (she was gods wife before Israel became a kingdom and she was edited out of the bible)

  6. Same, I'm interested in the stuff but too much of a naturalist to make any claim without evidence.
  7. religion... the answer is tattooed on my neck.....
    just like ...none of the above.... ;):smoke:
    it is the box i check when they ask .....

    it means i dont fit into any of your (the worlds) categories....
    i am not going to follow going to make my own way.... ;):smoke:

    i wanna hear more about this....?
  8. I follow the Christ.

    Try searching this forum. This question has been asked numerous times.
  9. agnostic atheist spiritual pantheistic aspiring buddhist.

    idk man.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I am a follower of Sanatana Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism.
  12. Well, what more is there to say?

    Ashera was the queen of heaven in pre-israel Judaism. The ancients worshiped her as Gods wife and equal, but when the tribes of israel were united and the bible written down, the so called "editors" of the bible didn't believe women to be equal so they removed everything about her from the bible.

    Its pretty sad actually, considering that Islam and Christianity were based upon Judaism, if they wouldn't have removed the queen of heaven then women would've been considered equals long before they were (which they still aren't in Islam)
  13. Good post. Women still aren't considered equals even in many sects of Christianity. The Catholic Church still officially teaches that husbands are to he the head of their households and also that wives have a certain "debt" to their husbands,
  14. I have to say, i really hate Catholicism.
    And the pope has been responsible for more genocide and war than even the Muslim countries.

    Although now that the pope has no real power (over countries at least) Islam has replaced Catholicism as the radicals.

  15. thank you-
    this is along the lines of what i thought you meant from your first mention of her....
    i was actually hoping that maybe you could point us to where you got this maybe more research could be done?

    btw- you know the greeks/romans edited/rewrote the whole thing again before it got to us yes?
  16. Oh sorry, I thought you didn't understand what i meant. But heres an article about her; Hebrew Goddess; Asherah, the Shekinah, consort of Yahweh
  17. I definitely agree. The Catholic Church as an institution has been the deadliest and one of the most horrifying forces in the history of mankind. One of my best friends was a Catholic for a few years and he suffered immensely. It is evil in so many ways, not only through their actions in destroying entire cultures and civilizations throughout history, but also the way they suppress and control their own members, such as what they did to my friend. He recently made a great point when we were discussing this, and it is that the Catholic Church really is the modern day continuation of the Roman Empire. For hundreds of years Catholics took pride in that and many still do today. They really just got rid of the Roman pagan religion and a few other customs, practices, etc. but besides that they are just like the Romans in that they will use any means necessary to get complete control and power and institute authoritarian ideals.

    Now, theologically speaking, there are a few good aspects of Catholicism imho. But besides that, it is a despicable entity without which humanity would be far better off.
  18. Here is a 4 part documentary series from the BBC on Youtube that is just excellent and I highly recommend:

    Bible's Secrets (BBC) Ep.2: Did God have a wife? (1/4) - YouTube
  19. They are the modern day roman empire, i mean not only do they speak latin (and are the reason that latin was the lingua franca of law and "science" for a thousand years) but the pope is also called the bishop of rome.

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