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  1. Now i've been going through a tough time with my church lately.... my mom forces me to go to youth group and the church really judges me... i think its having the opposite effect of what my mom wants don't get me wrong i luv her and her intentions are pure but i think it should be my choice for something this big in my life... I believe that maybe there is a god but what i don't like is different factions of belief.... i think different religions are the most racist people on earth.... they all say that there god is the right god yours is wrong but with love.... always with love to mask what it really is.... my opinion may not be good but it is...... another thing is why do people need a god to answer lifes unanswerable questions.... i say that takes life out of well, life.... My mom is big on thanking God when things happen but i say why don't you give yourself some credit once in a while.... and whenever i ask questions around these subjects at my church the answer (if there isn't a real one) is always the same.... its the will of God... well cmon you can't tell a 15 year old guy that everything hes trying to undertand is the will of god and just let it go..... that would ruin me not being able to ponder lifes many questions..... i just thought id say this and get any feedback on it......
  2. I think it is sad that the church is judging you and not answering your questions. It must be very frustrating for you. But there is no reason why you can't do your own research and answer your own questions. If you are in here you must have access to the net, right? Well use it. It's a fountain of information.

    You will find that other religions are founded by people. For example Buddism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama, and a man called Mohammed started the Muslim religion. They were just men. Sadly they miss the point of life, because they missed out on knowing God.

    God is real my friend, if you have any questions about him. Feel free to private me, and I'll see if I can shed some light on your questions.
  3. dizzysavage I was there @ your age, and church didn't do me any harm, except drag me out of bed waaayyy too early on Sundays. They even made me ACOLYTE, OK? The humiliation.

    You're going through a period in your life when you're trying to feel out who you are, and what position God fits into your life - or where you fit in God's plan. Or wait, does he even exist? And if so, whose religion is right? They all are? If they're all right why are people fighting in wars over it, why would God allow that? He wouldn't, so he mustn't exist, right?
    Sorry, I'm getting carried away...

    I do it too, I question it alot. But I guess the trick is.. To not question God, and to know that he is good? And that perhaps... We're all on this earth to learn something. Who is the right God is not the thing to learn here. Religion is a very personal experience. Despite all the community church activities and gatherings, and large congregations. They're great support, sure. But I can't sit through a 2 hour service. I don't like having a relationship with God with 50-100 other people in the room. I have one of those relationships with God where he puts me through all this bullshit, and points and laughs at me when I trip and fall like a big dork. I pull some twists on him though, we're pretty close. He picks on me for smoking pot, but I think he's probably just messing with me because he's never too mad. I sound insane, but I'm pretty sure he exists, so I figure I might as well make him a good friend of mine, right? ;) I am also pretty sure that God's image in our minds is what we choose it to be. Be it Hindu, God, Buddha, a woman, etc. It's our choice. What we choose to believe in is up to us.

    You're finally @ the age where you can start deciding for yourself what you believe. If you're lucky, your parents will respect your questions & beleifs. Mine are pretty good with me, but I still go to Church on occasion. (Like Christmas, or Easter) I'm still trying to figure out the whole God thing too, whoever he or she is, but we get along pretty well so far.

    SO long as you respect other beleifs, and have a good heart and try to do good in this world, whether you go to church or not, you'll be just fine. God loves all his kids. ;)
    If he exists. Which I think he does. I think. Maybe.
    or maybe, it's time to smoke another bowl and crash.
  4. Bah..

    The day I lost my religion was like the day I lost my virginity..i didnt realize how frustrating it was till it was totally gone.
  5. Ditto on that one, stevie.

    I always had religion pushed on me by my parents, like their parents did them, and theirs them, and soforth and soforth. I decided the brainwashing cycle stops at me.

    The way I see it, there is no God, and poeple use the belief in him as a crutch to explain what they do not understand. And even if he did exist, he hates us all. Look at our world. Watch the news for five minutes and you hear about horrendous tragedy. I figure there is no harm in not beliveing in a God that hates humanity.

    But to each his own, and if you feel that the conformity machine of christianity is right for you, if it helps you live a better life and get through your rough times, then by all means get involved. I say this seriously because some people simply need the reassurance, and for those people religion is right. Me? I'm perfectly satisfied with the downward spiral of chaos.
  6. First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say,

    "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation."

    But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water by water. By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgement and destruction of ungodley men.
    2PETER 3:3-7

    Elementxero, the last days are here the chaos you see, the false prophets we hear are predicted, don't be to quick to under estimate God, I assure you he is NOT a crutch for certain sections of soceity to lean on. He is real, and he is coming back to re-claim his creation and boot satan out forever. Unfortunately, if you do not believe you will also be booted out. Think of it as a insurance policy!!! What have you got to loose by believing???
  7. Bring on the boot!

    Hmmm..if i were to believe as an insurance policy that wud justm enai had false faith which would earn me the booth too!!
  8. In the world there are many ways to find god, if you choose to find god threw chruch then that is how you do it,but question everything that the church teaches you. You have to find you're own path to god. If you live life by what everyone tells is they way then you will never find the path for yourself. My own beliefs are that God is a pond of light and sound. I use meditation to tap into that pool of bliss,love,and supreme happiness. It for me is the path to god to belive nothing and question everything untill the time comes that I have to make the ultimate decision. hell or hevan? Well in the end be true to yourself and be true to others, in time you will find your own path, jus remember my words~

  9. Hey, mulli melli, please don't state your beleifs as though they are proven facts. If you wanna believe in God and everything written in the Bible (fairytales and fables in my opinion) then that's fine, but don't push it on others saying they will be judged if they don't think the same way you do. That's how religious wars get started. I don't really believe in any religion right now, but if I was going to pick one it would be Buddhism. With that you don't live your life thinking if you are good you will goto a paradise and if you are bad you will be sent to eternal suffering. It's more about self realization and attaining inner peace. To me this makes much more sense. And if you look at how many wars have been fought over believing in God, and then take a look at Tibet, it's very interesting. China fucking invaded their country and forced children to kill their parents by putting a gun in their hands and making them pull the trigger. Did the Tibetans fight back tho? Did they get all pissed and try and tell the Chinese that they were wrong and that their religion was better? No, they forgave them for everything they had done. I'm going off a little right now, but what I really wanted to say was just make sure your beleifs are your own and that you don't try and push them on others.
  10. HEAVILY agreed.
  11. Sorry guys, didn't mean to start a war!!!!

    Just quoted a spun out verse from the bible. If you believe it's a fairytale, then good on ya! If I believe it's got some truth in it, then good for me!

    If I sounded serious and preachy I apologise.

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