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what would u choose

  1. Christian

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  2. Muslim

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  3. buddist

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  4. find somethin spiritual

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  1. im a forced christian but im really starting to get into spirtuality and was wondering what u guys would do?
  2. I just said the hell with organized religion and joined the Church of The Subgenius, for only 30 bucks I have eternal salvation and I'm a minister to boot too. And best of all it's a fun religion, well more like a cult, hmmm, maybe more like a bunch of crazies who just wanna have some fun!
  3. If someone put a gun to my head and told me to choose a religion I'd choose Hinduism. Other than that, there's nothing else I'd believe.
  4. i choose my own.
  5. if you worshipped Odin, wouldn't you have to wear one of those horned viking hats?

  6. thats beautiful, man!!!!!!!
  7. I am god! i pick everything that happens in my life! i can go forwar backward left or right! even jump up and own if i want. I can look, smell, and taste! and i can schmokie!!

    thats about all i need. no worshipping. just living. and appreciating that life. i love the world. world loves me. tis a happy balance.

  8. Exactly, my advice man would be to experience life for yourself...define your own existance by exploring the limits of it. It's your life so why should you live it by the standards of someone else (meaning a religion). Just enjoy life and observe it and then form your own conclusions about it :)
  9. I'm a Taoist. it's an ancient chinese religion who's roots go back to a man named Lei Ehr, known today as Lao Tzu, who was an older companion of Confucious. Taoism really isn't big in the west, but i do wish it would grow in popularity. Looking through the texts, Taoism discourages that which is unnatural, and thus would outlaw the use of drugs, or the smoking of processed tobacco. however... my weed and big fat cigars are no problem :D

    it's a great religion of live and let live, popular with the wisest of chinese scholars. if anyone wants to know more about it, they can look for translations of the Tao Te Ching on the web. it's the Taoist bible sonsisting of about 82 very short poetic "chapters", no more than 2-3 paragraphs in length.
  10. My advice, Be Rastafarian. you get to smoke weed and have long hair, its perfect for stoners.

  11. you shouldnt choose a religion just cause you get to smoek pot all day ..if you want taht then you should have your own religion

    i agreee with digit is short, you have to go out and live it. i dont believe in any religion, the closet thing i have to religion is a set of my own beliefs. be your own god what you think is just and what the right thign to do
  12. then again, i do like the ideas of buddisam and daoism.

    all that nature, at peace stuff i think would really suit me :)

  13. well, another reason i choose Rastafari is because it is based on most of the ideas of christianity.
  14. Jedi!!!!!!!

    It's a listed religion in the UK. Of course I'd have to move...
  16. Beliefs are dangerous, and so is religion.

    I believe in nothing. You won't see me waging war, bombing a building, or brainwashing the youth with fairy tales.

    Ideas are free and everywhere. To latch on to one for too long would be dangerous.
  17. Fate is annother discussion. does it exist? I don't think so. that would void any "difference between god and us".

    as for religion being dangerous, well this can be true. Especially zelous and blind belief, supported quite heavily in some Christian faiths, and State Shinto (popular in Japan during WWII). Karl Marx once said "Religion is the opiate of the masses". It what many use to be able to disregard the pain and suffering in the world, and in the process much freedom is lost. When one believes they have a duty to a higher being they cannot communicate with, false authorities claiming to be from that power can corrupt them or twist their will. The solution then is personal beliefs, but this does not mean one must stray from others. A subversive christian can still attend church, and fight the christian stance on certain issues. The first rule of Existentialism is that you must be true to yourself, your own beliefs, and create your own "fate".

    To believe in nothing does not create peace however. The ideals of Nihilism doesn't ALWAYS create a peaceful person. A Solopsist Nihilist might say "You do not exist; you are in my head; your death does not matter, so i will kill you". I can see where one might say, nothing matters, it's not worth fighting for, but the other side of this coin is, nothing matters, it's not worth protecting.

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