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  1. Now, I'm well aware of the Conservative, Southern, Super Christian stereotype. In attempts to break this stereotype, here I go...

    Okay, I was raised in North Carolina, around Raleigh and now live in Wilmington. I am 18 years old, my parents are very Conservative, but they do keep open minds (what a contradiction.) I follow some Conservative politics, but anyway that's not what this thread is about. I have been raised a Christian. I do believe in God, I attempt to lead a Christian life. I'm not a good christian. I have my doubts. I do many illegal things. I have sex. I toke ^~^, but in my opinion, God put our lovely plant upon this earth. My opinion of you has nothing to do with your beliefs. I have an open mind. I love Jesus Christ and God. If this thread sickens you, hit backspace.

    So what are some of your opinions on religion or God? Just share some of your thoughts. Thanks you guys. Keep the hating at a minimum, hopefully we are all open minded and don't hate simply because of beliefs.
  2. idgaf. If god exists, he obviously doesn't want me to care because he could make me care. If god doesn't exist, it doesn't matter.
  3. I've actually never heard that view mate. Props.

  4. I believe we all have the capacity to become like Christ. To be by myself I need God next to me, as narcissistic as that may seem, it works for me.

    I am currently agnostic.

  5. So like Agnostic Theism? I have some agnostic friends myself. A quite interesting approach to religion in my opinion.

  6. Sort of.. but my concept of God differs quite a bit different than others, in my mind God isn't some judgemental character meddling in our lives. In my mind God is totally impersonal yet all loving. A lot of my beliefs reflect Taoist beliefs.
  7. people always say reliogen is fake because no can see god or watever reoson they dont bleve in god but people dont understand god and reliogen is about faith not proof and if you need proof then you dont believe thats it thats where it ends
  8. I completely agree with you about the all loving and non judgmental. Someone once tried to explain Taoism to me, it never really got through to me though :/. Basically, I believe that if you lead a not horrid life, and do not completely deny the existence of God, you will be rewarded.

  9. Real shit bro. +rep.
  10. Organized religion removes the personal aspect of spirituality. Im a born and raised texan with Liberitarian views. (I support guns and weed)\

    As far as spirituality goes, I am a pantheist. Basically God is everything, and not the personified character in the bible. I am also a Taoist which follows the same principal. If you didnt understand think of the Force.

    Also: Spirituality and Philosophy - Forums

  11. SHIT >_< I thought I had seen some sub category that this would be better off in. Ah well. Hooray for guns and weed! I can see that. I don't really think of God as someone commanding about in some corner of the universe, but I think of him as being everywhere and everything.
  12. If there is a God then in my opinion, God is radically different from anything we can currently conceptualize. You're bringing up the subjectivity of morality now. What would cause one person to believe an action is wrong, and another to believe it to be right?

    Surely you're not implying that you know what constitutes leading a horrid life.
  13. Gods not real ya cheeky fucks!
  14. Please say you're kidding or delete this.

  15. obviously im joking, but yes, my views are there is no super-being.

    but yes im joking , jesus h christ.
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    If you observe what happens on planet Earth: millions of people starving to death in Africa, millions of people being imprisoned and tortured in Asia for their beliefs, millions of people being killed or injured by the drug business in South America, natural disasters that kill millions of innocent people, and to top it off, global warming, you would see that Earth is simply not governed by the loving, great Christian god. In the Bible it says if you aren't Christian, you will be visiting Hell when you die. The Bible describes Hell as a horrible place, where traitors are sent to scream, suffer, be tortured and be miserable for ALL eternity. Makes sense, right? What kind of loving superpower would do such a thing?

    Also, faith is honestly just a bunch of nonsense. Faith is a word that should be logically understood before theists use it against us atheists. Faith is most of the time defined by a belief that is not based on proof. Does that sound rational? Not at all.

    As to answer your question, my views on religion are quite dull. I don't believe or 'have faith' in religion and I definitely don't support it.
  17. What do I think of religion? Religion is the reason for a lot of hate and I don't even want to begin the list of atrocities that men and women commit in the name of religion.

    You mention doing things illegal like having sex and smoking but these are both natural and its the institutions you believe in that teach you different.

    I would like to believe in something after death but I can't seriously do so.

    As a history major its hard to be a part of or support something that's so destructive and impedes human advancement so much.
  18. I believe in facts. Scientific fact. And that is that we as a people are meaningless. We die and rot in the ground.

    There are millions of galaxy's, billion's of star's, and trillions of planets.

    There are possibly 200 million habitable planets (That we know of)

    For instance, the Hubble telescope took a photo know as an "Ultra Deep Field" and pointed it in what seemed to be a completely black area of the universe.
    What was reviled was over 10,000 galaxies in one tiny picture.

    How insignificant is the Earth?

    Religion is general is a way of controlling peoples thoughts and forcing them to believe that there is nothing more then this.

    Look at the Dark Ages.


    I believe that our planet, is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
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    thanks to religion my home city has a war going on, that has being going on longer than America has existed. (my home town is glasgow, scotland).

    my cousin was killed 3 years ago in a violent assault when he was walking home, jumped by 4 men, cos he was wearing a Celtic Soccer strip, indicating he was catholic. (Catholics support Celtic (soccer team), go to catholic schools, and live in sometimes mainly catholic areas and go to catholic bars (bars covered in ireland flags), Protestants support Rangers (soccer team), go to 'normal' schools' and protestant bars(covered in britain and northern ireland flags).)

    of course, in my community, no-one was charged, his friends and i regret to say some of my family, went out and half kicked to death some protestants.

    aye it may be hard to understand, its being going on for hundreds of years.
    and this is two CHRISTIAN groups, not christians v muslims, but people who believe in the same god. this is when you realize how stupid this all is.

    i cant wear particular colours of clothes in the wrong area without fear of being jumped. i have a friend who was jumped by a group of catholic men cos he was wearing white shoes, blue trackpants, and a red jacket. these are the colours of the british flag, and it represents protestants. my friend was a catholic and was wearing, underneath his red jacket, a Celtic soccer jersey, which is a symbol of catholics.

    religion was created to make people abide by laws. its causing too much trouble, i hope in 100 years people think, hah, in 2010 people believed in god, what idiots.


    guy kills other guy for being of other religion. he gets 5 years. FIVE YEARS. the system in my country is fucked, he'll be out in 2 years and he kicked and stamped someone to death.
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    After further research i am forced to revise my statement.

    In fact, there could be trillions of galaxies, and each galaxy can have up to a trillion stars, which each star could have anywhere from 0 to hundreds of planets orbiting around it.

    Which would mean even the largest known number would not be sufficient to even begin guessing the number of planets that are out there.

    The largest know star is 19,000 times the size of the sun and would actually swallow our entire solar system in it's circumference.







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