Religion, the concept of God(s) ~ a disease.

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  1. Religion and the belief in a Diety(s) is a mental disorder.

    The only reason this isn't a medical term yet is because the mass amount of people are stuck in the bronze age era way of thinking, and censorship shrouds the atmosphere for sake of hurt and individually misunderstood feelings - because labeling dehumanizing and primitive minded ideas and concepts as a disease, hurts the people who sheepishly believe in those man made concepts. A volintary psychosis. One heavily effected by sociological aspects surrounding individual minds, and the intensity of said habitat.

    Sorry if that doesn't make too much sense... I hope it does. I'm honestly just shit stoned sand blasted on a graffitied wall in south central, surprisingly enough... I wonder when that will ever happen? Shit.... yeah.

    Yeah, just some thoughts I felt like throwing out there for y'all. :smoking:

    A proud n open, anti violence, anti negativity, anti theist. :wave:
  2. Yes....that is all
  3. God damn I'm stoned.
    I don't remember my last bowl of Blue Dream being like this... hahaha.
    But... damn, I have a sexy mind.
  4. the whole world is crazy basically??
  5. Not the whole world.
    But simply the mass amount of fragmented sentiel concious particles.
  6. Eh, I kinda disagree but whatever.. :smoke:
  7. if I die and goto heaven and see god. im gonna say SHIT
  8. could easily say the exact opposing idea, and have equal merit. Zero.
  9. [quote name='"fullmetal toker"'] could easily say the exact opposing idea, and have equal merit. Zero.[/quote]

    No, one can't.

  10. So, believing in an imaginary friend is just as sane as not believing in an imaginary friend?
  11. It's perfectly sane to believe that something exists, that others don't. It is just as delusional to believe someone doesn't exist that others except as fact. Perspective
  12. Did you just switch accept with except?
  13. Yes I did. My apologies.
  14. Lol! Good man.
  15. That's like the censorship I'm talking about.
    Man made concepts. Subjective. Delusion. Schizo? Maybe...
  16. From one perspective both concepts are man made. Is it a delusion or a mental defect to believe something not beheld, based on inference?
  17. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it....

    now your a little kid... its all you know and all you ever told

    yet the people like me that were thrown into livin years of life knowin nothin about it are like '=o.... ur shittin me right'

    they told you weed was bad.... and you did it anyways and you realized thinkin for urself was amazin

    well now....

    i dont think its a war at all... logic took one side out along time ago

    XD take that.... even though it proves absolutely nothin

    nothing..... so it cant exisit... but maybe if you believe a little harder it might

    christans probably wanna smack me in the face soooooo hard right now haha

  18. Thinking for one's self is amazing,....I have no idea what rest even means, so you are probably thinking you written something coherent and profound, might want to take second run through that.
  19. Nothing is sane, with saneness no understanding is truly found religion is being used in the wrong for authority and power by the corrupt ones making it appeal to others as just a scapegoat of slavery to the mind, thats why people go their seperate ways thinking there isn't a god when he stands in the face of us daily. It was never intended to slow us down ,but to empower our minds with the correct usage, but nowadays that is hard to come by so we must educate ourselves for the future's sake and not let the angel of light decieve us.

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