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Religion of TheJourney

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by TheJourney, May 23, 2011.

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    Well I've been finding a lot out about myself tonight. Apparently, I am religious. :eek: This came as quite a shocker to me. However, since some people are so convinced of it, it must be true. But then I got to thinking. I'm following some religion, yet I don't even know what religion it is...therefore, it must be my own personal religion. Therefore, I must be the authority on my religon.

    Now that the atheists have informed me that my "views" are, indeed, a religion, I guess I should start setting things straight on what my "religion" entails.

    If something is THE truth, it must explain EVERYTHING. The truth must explain ALL knowledge, and everything else that is a part of our experience. Yet our knowledge and experiences are constantly growing, and evolving. So, how can we settle this dilemma? It appears that the truth is unknowable. The answer to this dilemma is quite simple. The SOURCE of all these things, all of this knowledge. Understand that all things share this common source, which is the true nature and essence of all things. Thus, EVERYTHING is an outflow of THE truth, which is in and of itself no thing.

    Who are the followers of The Journey? EVERYONE! Everyone is of this family. Everyone is a part of The Journey just like us. You should always keep this in your mind, as you practice and help spread this to others. You are not trying to CONVERT THEM to anything. THEY ARE ALREADY A PART OF IT! It doesn't matter whether they endorse it, or explicitly associate themselves with it. Thus, in your interactions with others, you are merely trying to HELP them. Help them see the truth of THEIR OWN journey, which is a part of THE Journey.

    hmm...I guess I should have some commandments er somethin, huh?

    Commandments of TheJourney

    1. You shall be respectful

    One of the primary sources of the hatred and negativity in the world is a simple lack of respect. Regardless of whether you need to LEARN something, or you have something to TEACH, respect is always the best way to go about it. If someone has something to teach you, and you are disrespectful to them, they may not teach you like they would have. If you have something to teach someone, they may not listen to you as well if you are disrespectful to them. Thus, respect is a matter of both principle and effectiveness in getting the truth of The Journey out there.

    2. You shall have an open mind

    The greatest reason people are unable to see THE truth is that they close their own minds off. The truth is limitless, as it explains all, and therefore one with a closed mind is unable to, by definition, understand it, as they are limiting that which is limitless. Therefore, always be open and try to understand other peoples points of view. EVERYTHING flows from the truth. Therefore, everything is attempting to describe an aspect of it. So always have open ears, open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart. An important part of your dealings with others should be helping to open them up, so they can see the limitless. They need not word things exactly as you do.

    3. You shall treat others as you want to be treated

    Hmm...pretty sure one of the other religions, Christianity, has already used this one. It does not matter, for Christianity is merely an aspect of The Journey. The truth which you can find in ANY religion is, in actuality, an aspect of The Journey. The reasoning behind this commandment is two-fold. For one, it increases happiness for all. You desire happiness, and if you treat others how you would want to be treated, you are assisting in THEIR happiness, which they desire as well. Secondly, it will increase your happiness. How you treat others puts an imprint into your reality, that is reflected back at you. If you treat others how you would like to be treated, you will be treated how you would like to be treated.

    4. You shall love all

    Love is the foundation of this religion. Everything stems from the same source, YOUR essential nature. So, first you must love yourself as you truly are. Once you are able to do this, you should understand that ALL stems from that very nature that you love. This will make it quite easy to love all. Now, there may be times when you don't LIKE the way certain people are behaving. That is ok, and you should not feel guilty for feeling this way. However, always be loving in the way that you treat them.

    5. You shall pursue happiness

    The ultimate goal of The Journey is HAPPINESS. Yes, in a way it is about truth, for this IS the truth. Yet the ultimate goal of the truth is for you to be HAPPY. Thus, you should always keep in mind YOUR OWN PERSONAL happiness in the way you approach life. While not forgetting that, you should also never forget that you are ultimately working towards the happiness of ALL.

    There it is. I have laid the foundation for The Journey, the religion which we all share. I love you all, and I wish you all the best. I hope you try to hear the message of TheJourney, official founder of The Journey :D
  2. This simply genius. I applaud you :D
  3. All I can say is:

  4. To show my agreement with your religion (since it coincides with my views as well) I will smoke up at 4:20 as often as I can.
  5. Thank you, fellow travelers of The Journey :D
  6. Where do I sign up for this religion? Oh wait... :D
  7. Wisdom.
  8. Even though everyone is apart of it, not everyone is aware they are apart of it.

    I say if you are one of the awakened members, you shall call yourself a traveler.

    I am a traveler! :D
  9. Beautiful TheJourney. Amazing post. I will join but apparently I'm already Nazarene? :confused_2: Honestly, I prefer no labels for my beliefs though. I agree we are on a Journey though, and this journey has an end. It lies in infiniti.
  10. You may associate yourself with any other movement you would like, to any degree which you would like.

    Ultimately, though, it is THE JOURNEY. This is the truth. All else is merely a representation of The Journey, but The Journey is the truth in its fullness.
  11. Yes exactly. :) Very true.
  12. I just heard from the Pope - he's read this and is prepared to step down!

  13. It's the dawning of a new age...

    I deem this the age of The Journey :D
  14. So TheJourney=the Tao. Or is the Tao a product of TheJourney?
  15. Labels do not matter. It is the truth.

  16. The Tao is a rather complete way of looking at TheJourney.

    Ultimately, it must be said that Tao is a product of TheJourney, although it can be difficult to find the distinctions. Mainly, followers of TheJourney tend to conceive of very wonderous things, that follows of Tao appear to not think of as much
  17. Yea I found this out after many Acid tabs...I'm glad I did. The most important is Love, it can be extremley hard when there are close minded idiots (sorry :p) running around Earth. But you inspired me when you said we all stem from the same source. I'll try not to think about killing and pillaging next time ;)
  18. So is TheJourney absolutely the source of all things?

    If so, TheJourney must be no thing. It cannot be something if it is the source of all things, for if it was something than it must have had a source.

    So TheJourney is non-existence expressed through existence in fractal form since there are no absolutes?

  19. TheJourney is no thing, yet it is equivelent to all things, and it expresses itself as a thing.
  20. Do we go to church for this religion?

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