Religion- Mans unfulfilled attempt of worship?

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    Ok, so first off, what is religion, and why has is come about so often in man's existence? 
    Religion is man's interpretation and worship of some spiritual realm, or something deeper than life itself. Man since the dawn of time has wondered in awe how we got to be here, and different cultures have found their own ways of trying to define and worship God.
    There is nothing wrong with this, but this is how I see organised religion;
    If religion has originated from all around the world by uncountable cultures and from all different types of environments, then how could one religion say that theirs is the correct form of worship? Christianity and Muslim culture predominately seem to find themselves in the right, because they have Jesus and Muhammad on their side to back it up.
    Organised religion is a man-made dogma that tries to define something outside of understanding, religion tries to grasp the idea of God in their arms and say " Here's God!! this is what he looks like!!! This is how he's to be worshiped!!" 
    Just as individuals are all different, so are cultures, so naturally beliefs and religion will vary from each culture because that society is structured a different way, and that culture sees life in a completely different way.
    This is about as close-minded as a friend telling another friend not to smoke marijuana because it'll rot his brain cells.
    The human experience is unique to each individual, and each individual sees God in a completely different way as the next person. Even an atheist needs faith to back their beliefs of not believing anything.
    Now what I personally think is better than religion is spirituality.
    Spirituality is a free form of feeling and intuition of a higher consciousness. Spirituality is not bound by rules and structure, it is all relative to the individual.

  2. I agree with what you're saying and I can't help but feel that religions have been bastardized (purposely) to prevent free thought and spirituality from thriving.
    Religions are really just guide lines, you'll notice that all religions have a common theme of love, as you said, a higher consciousness.  They are merely different languages that describe the same being or concept.
    When people's religions invoke anger and hatred, I'd say that they're doing it wrong.  We can worship different gods, but ultimately, we're praising the same creation, the same universe, the same god.
    I feel that the people that head these religions would know this by now but avoid dispersing this message as to perpetuate negativity and power over their followers.
  3. That's one thing I forgot to add. People get so caught up in the "rules" of their religion that they loose the point of religion in the first place.
  4.'s a lack of faith. I think you misunderstand the position. Belief and disbelief are not the same. 

    My guess is, like many people who had the fortune to be born in a country where life is pretty good, you've found that you don't need religion. Meaning can be found from many places. You probably have friends and stuff that you do that doesn't involve the church or religion at all and have found that people who are different from you aren't bad. It's normal, religion is decreasing much faster than god belief is because they cater to different needs.
  5. Religions are just schools of thought where no actual thinking goes on.
  6. Hey I never said I didn't believe in God! On the contrary I do have a strong belief in God, I just think that God is something much more than a religion could ever grasp.
    Ok, why judge me? Actually I was raised Orthodox christain and went to church around twice a week and served on the altar,  never really missed a Sunday for 15 straight years...... I used to be a VERY religious person, but now I find religion just can't express my love and God for me.

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