Religion is for the business man.

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  1. The creation of many religions that are deeply embedded in human culture happened many a years ago, and we'll probably never learn how they really came about and for what reasons. We have our speculations and clues from the structure and beliefs of current religion, but why was religion really created? Sure, you can say that it was a salvation to calm the craving of human curiosity of prebirth and after death, but there has to be more.

    I've noticed that quite a few religions tell you pretty much how to live your life. A clean, hateless life is thought to be ideal, but why? The Romans, devout catholics, loved to watch gladiators duke it out with each other and lions and what not. The English have set out on hunts with their dogs, and they kill many of God's creatures simply for sport. So, with such fowl play going on since the dawn of man, why would they preach such a life if they don't live like that, either?

    Could people have invented certain religions to calm the viciousness of people and to keep them in line?
    Example: Elite business men of the past cook up the idea for christianity to give them a chance to make land grabs and business grabs, while citizens are too busy forgiving each other for all sins commited. This would also give them the opportunity to claim peace, and set up military bases all around the country or world, just incase we wanted to squabble. As we worship in their church, they collect our funding via donations from all with a good heart and extra cash, and they operate tax free.

    Now, I'm not saying christianity is a sham, I'm asking if it's possible.
  2. Well I suppose anything's possible, just doesn't seem likely.
    I believe religion was first "invented" when man couldn't understand hardly anything that happened around him. A meteor falls from the sky, hits a field, destroys his best hunting ground, he comes to the conclusion something above must be angry with him.
    I don't have enough sleep in me to properly explain, but I hope this gives you the idea of my side. :)
  3. It definitely is quite possible that religion was "created" as a myth in order to fool people, but I don't think that's very likely because, at the time of any religion's inception, people weren't advanced enough to think about how to manipulate their tribes/communities/villages.

    However, there are also some other interesting theories, such as:

    Mushroom and Religion: Conocybe, Panaeolus, Psilocybe and Stropharia
  4. Well, I understand what you are both saying, and I agree. I guess I was talking about certain aspects of some religions. Like the government allowing relgion to operate tax free, so they can set up shop all over the country and preach their teachings, the teachings that tell you to live sober and clean, and to live violence free and forgive everyone. Then that same government partners up with tobacco and alcohol companies, and they surround you with the stuff because they know you want it. It's so contradicting, don't you think?
  5. how are we separating religion and spirituality?
    I believe there are spirits of good and evil all around and that there are two even greater energies influencing us and working through us. People have always been spiritual .. i guess nowadays that's declining
  6. o..and i know for sure that Christianity was fooled around with...the roman sun worshippers of the time played shakespeare and mixed their doctrines in to make that most mysterious volume...not saying that the whole bible is incorrect but once man put their hands on something its skewed..i mean the bible really has a strong attitude toward women that seems man-made so that makes it a bit obvious. i still have to admit its quite comforting if you believe in good and evil; energy wise.
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    Yes, you're right, society's current implementation of "religion" may not be as true to its essence as a lot of people think. The alpha males at the top of social and religious hierarchy might only be there to perpetuate their own agenda through these agencies, while we're all blinded by their innocent portrayals of what they represent.

    I believe Christianity was told by word of mouth for some time before it was written down and recorded, so the gap between the events occurring and their capturing on paper was distant enough to allow a lot of room for error. Especially in the interpretation department.

    Here's a funny pic I literally just found right now, and I think it pertains to this thread :D


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