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Religion has to get the f#ck out of here!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by davros of skaro, Apr 5, 2013.

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    [ame=""]How do we know that Christians are delusional? - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Does the Bible give clues to how old the earth is? - YouTube[/ame]

    First off The belief in Jesus binds two of the worlds most psychotic religions
    together.Christians have to believe that Jesus is God's son,and Muslims have to
    believe Jesus was a prophet of Allah with both believing in the virgin birth.

    Christianity,Islam,Luciferianism,Wiccanism are primitive mans first religion in
    disguise,and that is astronomy.Astronomy is vital to early
    mans transition from hunter gatherer to agriculture,and not to mention the awe the
    sky held for early man.

    The cross is a sun symbol that on the winter solstice is reborn into a new season.

    Winter solstice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (wiki is for base reference only)

    Lucifer the "Shinning One" is Venus aka "Morning Star",or "light bringer" that
    heralds the coming of the God Shamash aka the sun in the morning.

    Morning Star - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Shamash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Islamic symbol is a crescent moon occultation by Venus.

    Occultation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Star and crescent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Pentagram for Wiccans is actually the orbit,and retrograde of the planet

    Venus in ancient Sumeria was personified
    by the goddess Inanna inwich her mythological journey to the underworld mimics the
    orbit/retrograde of Venus.

    Inanna was turned into a corpse,and hung on a hook for 3 days/nights then ressurrected by life giving water.

    [ame=""]Pentagram and Baphomet of B.S. - YouTube[/ame]

    Inanna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Baphomet is just the french mistranslation of "Muhhamad" by returning
    templars.Puss gutted occultists gave more meaning to the made up deity over the

    Baphomet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Spirituality is perfectly fine minus the dogma of religion.:love:

    Religion has no place in a modern society,and even nonbelievers have no idea that
    religion effects the whole planet in total detriment.

    Religion is specificaly designed to put a clamp on peoples minds,and slows our
    progress as a whole.People are like "oh it don't effect me what other people
    believe",and that is total BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

    Ever hear of the "Tower of Babel"?

    Tower of Babel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Well that is what metaphoricaly religion does to the entire planet.

    Religion is divisive,causes unneeded pain,suffering,and will never bring about a healthy fair for everyone global village.Even the fears of New World Order (NWO) forsakes not only our planet,but mankinds destiny for our journey to the stars.

    I used to be like "let people believe what they want" untill I put my mind to it,and
    studied it.

    It should be blatantly obvious to a strong healthy minded individual in
    this day,and age to get educated on the lies of religion instead of hole filled

    Religious people believe God is going to come down to Earth,and sweep up the mess
    wich is soon soon soon.

    These people believe it is perfectly fine,and favored to
    lie for God,not to mention the ones that kill for God.

    Cannot one with a rational
    mind see how dangerous this is,and the child abuse it leaves in it's wake?

    [ame=""]Atheist are going to Hell without Jesus Christ - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Teaching Children - Carl Sagan (Science) vs (Religion) Jesus Camp - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Richard Dawkins - "What if you're wrong?" South Park - YouTube[/ame]

    Get educated people................Religion is BULLSHIT!!!! :mad: That blinds everyone.

    Jesus Christ is not only a culmination of Paganistic (country dwellers) astrotheological beliefs,but modeled after Divus iulius Christos "The divine God Julius the annointed one" aka Julius Caesar.

    Caesars wax effigy was placed on a Tropaion (sun/victory symbol),and held high before
    the mourning crowds showing his stab wounds.The people loved Julius Caesar,and went into a frenzy burning down the homes of his assassins.

    Julius Caesar was deified into a God when during his funeral games the comet of 44 B.C.E. appeared in the sky over Rome.This ressurected him into a God with a temple
    built over his funeral pyre site.

    Besides a moldy nailed to a board bone there is very little evidence that the historical fallacy of crucificion was common place.

    There is historicaly much more evidence in epigraphy,coins,and statues etc of the ancient Romans/Greeks that they bound there prisoners to the base of a tropaion (sun/victory symbol).

    The ancient Romans beheaded then impaled the heads of the condemmed,or simply threw them over a cliff inwich is much more effecient way to deal with them than nailing them to a symbol they find sacred to begin with.

    [ame=""]CaesarChrist Wax Imago was ROOT of The Jesus Myth Crucifixion & Abrahamic Religions 102709 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Deception & Lies Built Christianity in 325 CE (1/10) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Tropaion trophy of the Sun (Victory Over Minds) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]David Fitzgerald Skepticon 3 "Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus" - YouTube[/ame]

    Christ or Christos is Greek for "annointed with oil",and is a divine title.This is why apologetics are trying to use the word "Yahweh" for the Jewish meaning for messiah/God/Saviour.

    Yahweh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apologetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you just happen to hear some theotard calling Jesus "Iusus" it is because there was no letter J in ancient greek alphabet,but that the letter "I" was used.

    (B.C.E. before common era C.E. common era.)

    The B.C. A.D. designation is from the middle ages by a typical afraid to touch his boner monk,just like the "7 deadly sins" came from that era,and psychotic thought.

    You will hear brain bashed people say that since we use B.C./A.D. that just shows Christ is real.

    These same people believe that the crucifixcion is well documented by 1,000's of people wich is an all out lie.

    The references they site are just the title "Christos" inwich Julius was a Christos to his celestial mother the Goddess Venus.

    Apologetics hold onto the writings of Josephus whom was not a witness,and the context of the passage is an obvious to any honest historian a later early church forgery.

    [ame=""]Historical Jesus? - Josephus - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Josephus Forgery (Testimonium Flavianum) - YouTube[/ame]

    Here is a single example of the things that go on while we are distracted.

    [ame=""]Video that shocked the planet - YouTube[/ame]

    You should see the BULLSHIT!!! churches put on Youtube to scare the quick to superstition mind surrendered religious psychotics to watch.They have no respect for the mentally disabled for that is the very thing they try to accomplish for the suckers coin.

    [ame=""]Exorcism - Penn & Teller Bullshit! - YouTube[/ame]

    The comet of the ressurected Julius that made him into a God,and his adopted son Octavian Augustus Caesar the son of God.

    Caesar's Comet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Temple to the divine God Julius

    Temple of Caesar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is were Angel imagery comes from.

    The trophy of the sun,and victory in battle.

    Tropaion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If any one agrees at what I say please use the information age to click/copy/paste
    send this link,or converse with like minds,and get this out there.

    Google image search "Tropaion" or "caesars coin",and get these images to a local custom silk screen shirt printer,and wear these images for instance.

    Get this out,and into minds for the Horus/Mithras/Dyonisis thing is so hole filled,and is not helping matters much.

    Thinking is the solution,but that involves EVERYBODY!!!!! :poke:

    If anyone is interested in fringe topics then please click the playlist in my sig.

    Thanks for listening................. :hello: :love: :hello:

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  2. Get over it, the teachings of Jesus is the last thing you should be worried about. Its sending a positive message unlike the latest music videos that inspire your sister to twerk it. Use your energy to go after the real issues.
  3. nobody knows what happens when we die
  4. Post as much evidence as you want, the sheeple have their "faith" (not talking about christians who only follow the positive teachings of jesus without any bible dogma)
  5. This dumbass kid just contradicted with everything he just said when he said “your no different then us” You got that fucking right. Humanity should be judged on there actions. Not there dumbass pointless beliefs. Religion SMH.... Some people will never learn!

    [ame=]Atheist are going to Hell without Jesus Christ - YouTube[/ame]
  6. So you are saying being delusional is good,and parents are not resonsible for the healthy upbringing of there children?

    That's what I get from your statement.
  7. I do.

    [ame=]NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated - YouTube[/ame]

    Death is just going back to our infinate selves hyperdimensional origin were God does not judge you but yourself does.

  8. Well said Miami.

    True faith in God is doing right by your fellow man,and knowing that God with your passed on loved ones will have your back when the time comes.

    Religion just warps the brain.

    Just be a good person as much as one can be wether one believes in an afterlife or not,and not judge others aslong others are not hurting anyone.This simple logic if everyone could hold to it will open doors of well being for all.
  9. i swear to god all your threads and posts are the same recycled garb. do you do anything except research 'supernatural' stuff and spread psychobabble about religion.

  10. OK...Lambchop.Whatever you say.........:rolleyes:

    [ame=]lambchop sings queen - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Time management yo

    This thread is huge
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    What you call recycled is just to me getting knowledge out there in available context.

    Supernatural to me is just ultrascience,or the paranormal is just science we do not have a grasp on yet.

    Psychobabble about religion to you is historical fact to me.

    I am just trying to educate,for alot of people have no idea what's going on.We are bred,and conditioned to be ignorrant wether religious or not.

    The seeds I plant will take root,and this is not the only symbolic garden for knowledge I tend.


  13. The gravity of the message is huge,but the kilobytes within is small.
  14. I really wish people would start putting disclaimers in their thread titles.

  15. It might be, but nobody except you is going to read it all, let alone watch those videos or read those links
  16. Following the teachings Christ taught is delusional?
  17. Then the thread title would be too long.

    Maybe adopt:RFLP short for real fucking long post
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    Yes I do know that this is a stoner site.

  19. If people can put it in the same context as "You better not pout,you better not cry I'm telling you why" then no it would not be delusional at all.
  20. No clue what you're talking about. Explain why a person who follows Jesus' teachings is delusional. Like I said, its the last thing you should be worried about, you act like the world will magically become a better place if it "got the fuck out of here!!!"

    Your sister is still gonna twerk it, maybe even more so.

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