Religion discrimination

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  1. I found this article rather interesting, whats everyones take on it?

    Also another interesting article off the same site, which is entirely relavent:

  2. interesting point. and it shows you just what kind of world we live in today. oppression is everlasting... yet in our world today its ok for a priest to 'play' with little kids, but its not ok if he sparks a plant. ironic morals. furthermore, it shows you what a fascist institution religion is. any known rapist, child molester, and even an 18 yr. old who has sex with a 17 yr. old, is shunned by society deserving the most severe punishment. but... and yes there is a but... when the same act is performed by a priest, or any other member of the 'church' their religious stance, and class puts them above the law.
  3. I agree word for word, for some reason =)
  4. but christianity is the truth envitable, so there is no argument.

    christians are right, and everyone else is wrong, thats why they are above punishment.
  5. Christianity neither is, ever was,nor will ever be the truth. However, it is interesting that atheism claims to be it and that their religion of science will prove it once and for all.

    Science Must Destroy Religion by Sam Harris

  6. So Christianity burning people at the stake because they didn't believe is suddenly exempt from being criticized?

    Honestly, how daft are you? So many double standards. It's like you honestly think your shit doesn't stink.
  7. You're learning!
  8. claiming to be christian and being christian are two different things;

    if i said i believe in peace and if believing in peace makes me a hippie,
    and then i go burn people alive in the name of peace would you call me a hippie or a self proclaimed hippie?

    and its not like science hasnt had its fair share of tormenting people, whenever a new discovery was made contradicting the accepted scientific theories of the day, they were ridiculed, persecuted, and in some cases forced to recant their findings whether they were christian or not

    what if (totally hypothetical) someone were to find undeniable proof that the theory of evolution was completely false. that person would be totally bashed by our society before anyone would stop to think about the possibility of it

    so yes it is a double standard (in that people claim one thing but act another), but not really because every group has people that do it anyways
  9. You can't learn if you can't think....
  10. I think I just shit myself with laughter

    Anyways heres the thing. Trying to deny Christianities mishaps is like trying to deny that the Nazi's did anything wrong. In fact, Christianity has a lot more corpses to its name then the nazi's do.

    I don't really want to make the equation that being a christian is akin to being a nazi, but it is a more then fair analogy.
  11. Interesting conversations. What about the part of the story where 2 guys go to jail for 2 years for 6 grams, am I just living in my weed-bubble in colorado or does this shit happen regularly?
  12. Oh you mean like when the Catholic Church sentenced Galileo to house arrest for the rest of his life because he said the Sun was the center of our solar system as opposed to the Earth? Good point.

    If the person presented enough evidence, sure it would cause an uproar, but eventually almost all thinking scientists would defer to the new, proven theory.
  13. Yet one of the greatest massacres of all time happened in the name of commerce, the destruction of some 200 million natives by the Spanish and other Europeans in the search for a route to asia. In the end the corpses can all be attributed to human vice no matter what they are proclaimed under.
  14. i love how nobody talks about how the christians were persecuted themesleves, howbout the turkish genocides of the mediteranean? armenians included.
    but thrice youre right on that, it really doesnt matter, theres been plenty of instigated wars too.

  15. You are a thoughtful guy. +rep
  16. were persecuted themselves or persecuted themselves? I love how during the Bubonic Plague, Christians would march through the streets flogging themselves, in hope that "God" would take notice that they were already punishing themselves and thus he should save them and not inflict them with the plague. Hahah silly Christians.
  17. Oh my god the christians were persecuted! They are martyrs and we should all feel bad for them!!!

    Get a grip, this is bigger then you and me. Its the religious discrimination in this world that is truly sickening. We can look all through the history at all of the religious persecution that has existed. We can look at the christians persecuting their different denominations from differences in the beliefs of the Eucharist, we can look at christians persecuting non-believers, we can look at christians persecuting science because they claimed the sun doesn't revolve around the earth. But its not just Christianity. Every religion purports intolerance on every single fundamental level.

    Just because the christians were persecuted back doesn't mean we should be sympathetic towards the christians. It just means that we should ridicule the christians even further for the great intolerance their religion, and all the other religions have brought to our world.

    Dogma isn't created by god, Its created by men who want to spread their ideals. Open your ideas and see that religion is the ultimate vehicle for trampling other humans rights and ideals.
  18. listen im not disagreeing with the fact that christians, but what you fail to see is that christianity didnt pop up and was accepted. the christians were persecuted by the romans and the turks. there was a time when people were afraid to be christian. and as far as im concerned NO human being should be persecuted for their beliefs. the same way you would like to smoke weed and probably is your belief that it is beneficial(as is mine), it is punishable by law. sure we would say 'but were not hurting anyone', its our personal thing, same shit applys. having beliefs isnt what hurts society, its having power of society by religion thats bad, and that didnt happen for a good 200 years later, when constantine 'saw the light' and proceeded to enforce his new found beliefs on the masses, thus expanding his kingdom(Christendom). and sure, i agree completely that religions must be abandoned for human progression, but that doesnt mean dont have compassion to your fellow man. i guarantee you if you lived in the byzantine empire you would be an orthodox christian, not only because you would have been born into it, you wouldnt know any better. they played their role in history, and its time to forget the past and move on. and please, no need to tell me of what religion is capable of nor what it did. christianity was something that gave answers to people and then was used to control the world(literally). also, define martyr. someone who is persecuted for their beliefs. they were by definition martyrs and you should feel bad for them because of that, not because they were stupid by todays standards.
  19. the galileo thing- the bible claims NOTHING about the earth being the center of the universe, because "the catholic church" happened to be in power doesnt mean it was christians at the helm. look at communist societies, the common people are the only ones abiding by the system, all the people in positions of power use it to abuse it, that doesnt make them communist

    dude- "EVENTUALLY almost all thinking scientists would defer to the new, proven theory"
    you mean just like how EVENTUALLY almost all thinking christians deferred to the new, proven theory that the earth was not the center of the universe? i know that the earth revolves around the sun if you know what i mean
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