Religion and the Apocalypse

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  1. Just wanted to see how people felt about this thought I had recently. I was raised in a Christian home and recently I've been starting to think a little more deeply about Jesus and God. I've read through the bible several times and I am now a little more educated about Christianity at 25 yrs old.

    So, say the world ended tomorrow and all of man kind was wiped out except for a few humans that were never introduced to the bible or religion in general. How would they know of Jesus and "how he died for our sins" and "how he can save us and is our way into heaven."

    They wouldn't, because religion is a joke. It is used as a crutch, to give people a so called "meaning in life." It is used as a way for a weak minded individual to feel hope/meaning in a negative situation. I think everyone would eventually come to a consensus that there MIGHT be a "higher power." But this is all we have. When we die, we are dead. We will cease to exist, just like how it was before we were born.
  2. Ill probably cop alot from athiests and all them but so many people say that everyone will be introduced to god at some point in their life. I don't want to make this a christian thing because I don't believe in religion, but there's proof of this in manuscripts of travellers who have come into contact with small primitive tribes of people in the jungle and what not who have been isolated from the outside world for generations who have beliefs of god and what not.

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    I think jesus or any other prophet of a religion Medititated, then went on to show or teach through words others could understand.
    The words they preached were mashed and thrown through several different languages and cultural beliefs to become something it isnt.
    You can't live your life throughout someone elses experiences.

    When they refer to god or the son of god I think that has to do with the spark or energy that is the essence of life itself. Without the spark or electricity we would not inhabit our bodies. I dont believe god is some sort of all seeing eye that gives a fuck whether you masturbate or go to church.
    But instead we are all connected with one another.
    The only guideline that every religion seems to state is the power of love or karma.

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    I agree totally.
    I have often thought that if you took a group of people today who never had any exposure to religion or the idea of a "god," yet had access to all the scientific knowledge that we have today and told them that there was a big invisible man up in the sky that runs the world, they would laugh themselves silly.
    And why not? There is zero evidence for the idea. The only reason that millions of people believe it today is because their parents, or their peers, believe it. It's the typically-human "herding" instinct.
    And it all got started thousands of years ago because humans had no scientific knowledge of thunder, lighting, earthquakes, volcanoes, disease, floods, etc. Some stupid Neanderthal came up with the idea of the invisible man in the sky, the same reason that isolated primitive tribes believe in "god" today. There is no other way for them to explain the naturally-occurring phenomena around us.

  5. If you had the courage to read through just once, you will find all the answers you seek.
    If not then you'd no for sure it really is all bullshit!
  6. I've read all religious books, none of them really seem logical to me, but I think outside the box, question everything and never take anything at face value.
  7. That'd be cool if the world ended and the Apocalypse came...
    Finally something fucking interesting!
  8. Religion corrupts people's minds.
    The apocalypse is inevitable, whether it's nuclear holocaust, a meteor, global warming or the sun exploding. We will all die, everything was for nothing and there's nothing anyone or anything can do about it. The sooner you accept, the happier you will be.

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