Religion and the Apocalypse

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  1. Just wanted to see how people felt about this thought I had recently. I was raised in a Christian home and recently I've been starting to think a little more deeply about Jesus and God. I've read through the bible several times and I am now a little more educated about Christianity at 25 yrs old.

    So, say the world ended tomorrow and all of man kind was wiped out except for a few humans that were never introduced to the bible or religion in general. How would they know of Jesus and "how he died for our sins" and "how he can save us and is our way into heaven."

    They wouldn't, because religion is a joke. It is used as a crutch, to give people a so called "meaning in life." It is used as a way for a weak minded individual to feel hope/meaning in a negative situation. I think everyone would eventually come to a consensus that there MIGHT be a "higher power." But this is all we have. When we die, we are dead. We will cease to exist, just like how it was before we were born.

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    you have to watch the whole thing :>
  3. I could only watch 2 minutes of that before I wanted to punch him in his face... His voice along with the constant hand movements lead me to believe he's done too many unmentionables.
  4. Men would invent him all over again. A different name but the same silly results. look at all the other religions that predate x-ianity and all had human sacrifices.
    I would have "liked" that, but you're a "guest" now.
    What happened 'Zulu?  You get banned or something?
  6. You say you have "read the bible" a couple of times yet your statement shows so much ignorance and confusion regarding scripture and the character of God. Reading the bible does nothing, especially if you don't attempt to try and understand. I don't say this in any kind of condemning way but to hope that one day soon you will attempt to actually dig deep to understand the character of God. It is beyond amazing how He continually humbles Himself through history in His perfect desire to have a relationship with us...yet we continually laugh in His face and then expect nothing ever bad to happen us...then we blame Him for not being a loving God. We are given a choice to love Him back or not to. It isn't Him standing in the way making us blind...we do that to ouselves...we'll with the lead of satan.

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    You're making assumptions just like most religious people [​IMG]
  8. I'd tell you would happen if most humans were wiped out.
    Human history would restart including the development of religion.
    Those religions and their prophets might have different names but they would still develop all the same with the same purpose they have now.
    Religion is part of the human condition. Always will be.
    I happen to think that is by design but I'll understand if you disagree.
  9. The old testament is a story that is written in code hiding ancient knowledge of high physics.  It was never meant to be in the common person's hands.  That is how they kept  scientific knowledge in ancient times. Ancient Knowledge that is lost can be found if you know how to decode the stories.  
    It has nothing to do with Adam and eve in their "birthday suits"
    Also,  the new testament is the "GO Spells". 
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    I've discussed these things extensively with Christians and find that the most knowledgeable accept views that step away from the dogma pretty easily.

    Firstly, a simple fact of medical, psychological understanding about the nature of the human mind may help to broaden views of natural spirituality which religion is derived from.

    Our mental existence at any given time is about 86% unconscious. What is conscious moves around between perhaps large areas of the mind, but the conscious can only handle so much in any given moment.

    Accordingly, when God is consciously perceived, in just the tinyest way, we are overwhelmed. God dwells in our unconscious, and through worship we prepare ourselves for the immense, dynamic perceptions that God might allow us IF ready.

    Jesus is indeed the son of God, but just how that happened is very likely more understandable than many would believe. Check out ywo things.

    One; parthenogenesis

    Two; The book titled "The Mystical Life Of Jesus

    To bring some credibility to that, search Steven Jones, Jesus in central America. There is extensive artwork from far in the past depicting a man with holes in his hands and feet.

    Consider, how did people keep the past before the written word?

    Consider the "C" at the beginning of an old history book. It stands for "Circa". The dictionary will tell you Circa means, "around or about". Meaning oral histories were aproximate. "Circa" stands for CIRCADIAN, the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an aspect of the unconscious mind.

    Yes, religion is a crutch. But consider, a crutch is used when a leg does not work well. Meaning religion is a facsimile for the real thing. A truth hidden.

    Consider, those people keeping oral histories were the targets of the crusades and religion converted some of their oral histories into the written word. Fact is, it is easier to burn books than people to hide a truth.

    If that is true, then religion loves the digital world. One press of a button and inconvenient truths are instantly gone. Since that is true, if you find this comment interesting, copy and paste it into a text document, because it could be gone in a few days.
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    Hah! This seems like it must be correct. "GO Spell" = trance induction.

    The ancient spiritual pagans, witches if you'll have the term, because they were both good and bad, and the contemporary connotation is only bad, used "spells". Meaning the written word and "spelling" was invented by them.

    Considering your point about the old testament, I'll have to review it again.
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    I find it worrying that it might turn out to be a self fullfilling prophecy. Two big Abrahamic religions (Christianity and Islam) both believe in a very similar apocaplyse. And seeing as believers of those religions represent a huge percentage of the worlds population, they might very well make this propecy come true. I imagine it would most likely come in the form of religiously motivated nuclear war.  
  13. So true. We can already see it happening

  14. Stoning gays is something advanced aliens did for science?

  15. If the apocalypse happened in 2000 how would you know if this was heaven or hell?
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    The descriptions of hell in the Bible are pretty graphic. I imagine it would be easy to know I had begun my eternity of endless torment from the devil and his minions. If heaven is real, I'd be rejected at the pearly gates and condemned to hell. The way I see it though, religious or not, if one of the worlds major religions is true, the odds are most of us would end up in hell.
  17. I was about to start a debate before I read the last paragraph, that was fun.

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