Religion and Schizophrenia expressed as genetic adaptation

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Palmer Eldritch, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. resulting in society giving leeway and in fact reverence to those with mild cognitive disorders, those who might act strangely, because at one time in history their creativity and or disease resistance was an evolutionary benefit...

    This is a real interesting lecture, though I haven't finished watching it. I think a few of you might be interested in this...

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  2. just watched the whole thing, i need some time to think about it. props for the post.
  3. saved for later
  4. 50 more minutes left. I'm gonna save the rest and watch it before bed. I like to have something to think deeply into while I doze off.

    Ok, I think I misunderstood part. When he was talking about schizophrenia and it's subsidized version, the one that is more prevalent, what was the genetic advantage that they had? Why have the diseases both come about?
  5. Amazing video, really. Thank you for posting. I'm halfway through but I had to post.

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