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Relieves pain? Really?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yuiop, May 28, 2009.

  1. I read through the list of things medical MJ can be used for and obviously some of them are absurd but one that caught my eye was relieves muscle pain. I don't know if this is just me but pain gets ALOT worse when I'm high. I remember one night I stubbed my toe while high. It was so overwhelmingly painful that it ruined my entire night. (not a very bad stub)

    P.S. this isnt just me being a bitch about a stubbed toe. I have broken multiple bones and have had parts of my body lit on fire more then once. (lotta dumb pyro friends) and this was worse then any of it because of how much i smoked.

    So how does it effect the rest of you as far as pain goes?:smoking::eek::cry:

    EDIT: oh and my bad...not sure if this should be in the med section..
  2. I agree, Pain is the same or worst when high for me.
    I was wondering the same thing the other day
  3. I twisted my ankle badly once and after I smoked, the ankle didn't bother me nearly as much.
  4. I'm curious why this is. Some of my friends think its the best pain killer in the world and others (like me) be extra cautious when high becuase pain hurts so much more. Only minor medical thing it helps me with is headaches....
  5. Pain is all in your head. Smoking slightly detaches you from your conscious, and the pain, which lets you let it go more easily.

    For me, at least.
  6. indica and sativa. indica is for pain
  7. It could be that if ur high and you get hurt it might hurt more(idk when or if ive even gotten hurt high so i cant tell you), but when im in pain and smoke after, then it usually helps alot. I have medical marijuana for my back cuz i have severe back pains and it works wonders for it.
  8. My pain is definitely in my back:rolleyes: lol
  9. It treats PRE-existing pain. No one is thinking, "Hey, I think in the near future I'm going to smack my head into a cinder block, to dull that expected pain, I'm going to smoke marijuana." :rolleyes:
  10. to me when i have already have pain and I blaze its numbed, but when i experience pain while high it is worse in a way better because the certain area gets unconcentrated and distributed through my whole body=more pain but less intense.

    dunno if that made sense im high
  11. Is there a difference?

    I think it has a lot to do with what type of pain. After knee surgery being high made the pain worse, but I think this was because of weed makes your blood vessels dilate which caused the swelling to worsen.

    But yeah, I have SERIOUS doubts on the efficacy of marijuana as medicine, but if it works for you, have at it.
  12. LOL, well put explanation. I have shoulder problems from when I tore it playing lacrosse. After a long day of work it starts getting really stiff and bothers me. Smoke a bowl and the pain/stiffness floats away.
  13. hahaha this...
  14. #14 MrPerfect, May 28, 2009
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    Look, it relieves pain it doesn't make you able to take pain. You don't turn into Superman after being stoned, but your back won't ache anymore. My guess is that it was long after you smoked when the pain occurred. If it was long after you smoked, you wouldn't even be really high anymore so it wouldn't really help.

    I know I've had my share of broken bones but if I dont smoke I'll be achey at some point, but if I get high it goes away. Really though it's not even all mental because I can think of my aches and they're relieved.

    It's funny because in my psychology class we were classifying drugs. The teacher says, "Well uh, marijuana has characteristics of all these different drug categories but it's most like a hallucinogen so that's what they refer to it as."

    Edit-It took me a while to write that story, but exactly what NBKSoldier said. (i think thats

    Well it was funny the teacher first asked, "Does anyone know what category marijuana is under?" So then this tennis player kid who no one would really expect to smoke goes "Opiates"(I think that's what he said whatever category painkillers fall under). So she's like "uh, no." and he's like "But it's a painkiller." At that point I was like this kids pretty damn cool. So then they came up with hallucinogen and this kid was just real confused. He's like "What?!? No way. It's a painkiller." He would just keep saying that it was a painkiller too and it seemed he was real confused why it wasn't being put under that category.

    Well that was really funny, but weed definitely works as a painkiller and can relieve pain.

    Edit-Well it took me a while to finish that story, but exactly what NRKSoldier said.

    Hey Dale, let me guess you think landing on the moon and 9/11 was a conspiracy??
  15. I dont really lose the pain, i just forget about it when im smoking. Nausea, and ear aches are two things that I have found that bud helps me with.
  16. If you have a muscle ache someday, get your hands on the strongest Indica strain you can, and smoke some. Tell me your ache isn't noticeably more tolerable. My friend uses it for scoliosis related back pain, and it's pretty night and day between when she's high and when she's not in terms of how much pain she experiences.
  17. yea, if you have some pain and then smoke you will notice... err, rather not notice it anymore.

    If you stub your toe while high, then all you have is the high pain to compare that to. Stub your toe THEN smoke a bowl and you will feel better.

    Also, as some other dude said, indica. Indica is much better for pain. Sativa wont make it worse though.
  18. LOL. In character? "Of course they were!"
  19. I've never heard of it hurting more, but I don't get any pain "relief" when I'm high.

    It's usually the pain, and the high, and I feel the effects of the high more but it doesn't relieve anything.

    2 ibprofen work better

  20. This. Just like if your limbs are "moving" by themselves, its not that they are moving by themselves, it's that you're moving them but not being conscious of it. The pain is there, but you are not conscious of it.

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