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  1. can anyone direct me to any reputable seed banks please. been considering using the services of either Amsterdam marijuna seeds or castle seeds. any pros or cons on these companys or recomendation of others would be greatly appreciated:cool:
  2. I once got seeds from that Nirvana seedbank. they came in like a month but had excelent genetics. I would say nirvana seedbank is pretty reliable.
  3. Nirvana has always been great to me. And you get extra seeds when you order. Quick and stealth.
  4. I use for all my purchases. I've only ordered fem's up to now and they throw in mixed bag if 5 seeds per order. They have great stealth shipping and I've had 100% germination rate. Keep in mind I'm pretty new and I know there are alot more out there, but I'm sticking with them. Thats my 2 cents worth
  5. :DI ordered from The Attitude and had the seeds in my hand in only eight days.
  6. thanks to all who have given their input i will take all into consideration when making my decision. i'm glar i found this community. so much great help and info , puts mind at easy when your just startin out on this wonderful journey. i hope i can do the same for the next peeps who are new when i get some experience anyway kudos to all
  7. Did anyone ever order the seeds from grasscity store? I'm just wondering how good th $20 seed packs are.
  8. The order I got from attitude was the best. First I got the seeds I asked for (you would think that is a no brainer), Out of a 15 seed purchase only 1 seed didnt sprout (which turned out to be from a strain I didnt like anyway so no big loss), and the free seeds I got with the order ended up giving me a free second grow and produced better pot than the seeds I spent money on (it gave me a chance to try something I won't have....and I still have a skunk seed somewhere)...
  9. the attitude seed bank all the way.cant beat the fem freebies they throw in and i never had a problem with a order and ive ordered a bunch of times
  10. Worldwide Marijuana Seeds aka Single seed centre has always came through for me.
  11. This man speak the truth, Attitude is the best and most reliable seed bank, ive ordered 10+ shippments off of there, and they all came to me in around 8 days, they werent stopped by US customs either, Their strains genetics are outstanding as well

    To the thread creator, your spelt reliable wrong btw :D
  12. Just placed an order with Attitude last nite. I will keep u updated on the progress.
  13. NEVER ORDER FROM BC BUD DEPOT! i spent almost $200 for their "best" strains, BC GOD BUD and THE PURPS. For one-majority of the seeds were pale. Out of the 6 PURPS that did germinate, 5 were males. And the 3 out of 10 GOD BUDS that germinated all 3 thankfully were female. But check this...that one PURPS did not exibit purple traits AT ALL! Finnished light green and heavy Fruity Pebbles aroma/taste. The GOD BUD is finally finnishing with 3 weeks left with one turning purple and the others dark green! Talk about WTF for you money. I took the strongest PURPS male and pollenated some bagseed females...hoping to get some good genes passed on for my money. And I think some of that pollen got on that one Fruity Pebbles. Being I found 30 seeds upun curring. So if all turns well, they might be pure genes-if you want to call it that.
    i should have those 2nd generation seeds finnished by the end of the year. Half outdoor, half indoor.
    Check back for an update!
    PS. im never ordering seeds again SERIOUS looks nice tho

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