Reliable Seed Source For The U.S.

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  1. I'm in the U.S. looking to order some seeds... I was wondering what the most reliable source for me to order from would be... I dont want them to get intercepted and get in trouble, or lose money... Post or PM please...
  2. pm coming.
  3. think I could get a Pm too?
  4. me too haha
  5. lol yes me as well, sorry dude hah maybe you should just post it

  6. im sure he'd love to but its against the forum rules
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  8. There is no restriction on referring people to commercial seedbanks. There is an entire sub-forum here at GC on the topic.

    Try Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana. Both ship to the US, generally reliable, good selection, good prices, pretty fast turnaround.
  9. Can someone please pm me the site as well?
  10. so can i order seeds with my real name and credit card without having to worry about something bad happening? has anyone done this before? what are the chances of getting in trouble?:confused:
  11. Yes, I am very worried about getting in trouble...
  12. dr chronic gypsy nirvana are both very reputable

  13. check out Seedbay they have the biggest selection i've ever seen. i ordered my last seeds from there.

    no matter where you order from, you will have roughly the same chance of your package getting intercepted by customs, which is slim. I've ordered seeds twice, from 2 different companies. and have recieved them both times.

    If you order with your credit card (meaning using your real name) unless your a known drug dealer, or the cops are whatching you, you have about a 1% chance of getting caught. police don't have the time, money, or right to randomly go check what people are buying. but if you buy seeds grow sell then get caught, they could start looking around and find out you ordered them, but by that time, that would be least of your problems. if your really worried about not having your name on an order send a money order and sign a fake name. if you order from seedbay a money order is the only option, but i think they are the best place, because no matter what "brand" of seeds you want, you most likely will find them there. plus you get free seeds with your order. i live in cali and i ordered from seedbay (located in the uk) and from the time i sent the money order in the mail till the time i got the seeds was about 2 weeks +/- a couple days.
  14. yeah i just ordered from dr chron but my card was declined/invalid, porbably because I used a different name lol o well mine as well try again right?!:)

  15. LOL, yeah, if you order using your credit/debit card there is no way around using your real name. cuz they can check your name against the credit card number in real time, including your address and phone number (everything you had to fill out to get the credit card or bank account that your debit card is linked to.)

    but like i was saying before if you send a money order and sign in with a fake name, there is no way they can tell, its not like you have to send a copy of your drivers license/state id card with it. there is no way for them to tell if thats really your name or not. no way to trace it back to you.

    but lately (within the last week or two) on tv i've seen commercials for a VISA/MASTER card that is not a credit card or a (traditional debit card) it is just like a debit card but it's not linked to your personal bank account you people out there that are worried about it, should look into that, it might be possible to sign up for one of those with a fake name, but i'm not sure.
  16. If your seeds are intercepted by Customs most likely they will confiscate the seeds and then forward on the package to you with a letter inserted saying that contraband was confiscated. That's all. There is only one case I am aware of where seed shipments were used to bust someone.

    Using a credit card leaves a paper trail. I am not aware of LEO ever getting a subpoena from a credit card company of the names of people who purchased from a known seedbank, but that's not to say it couldn't happen. That's why I use money orders, no sense in leaving a paper trail if you don't have to. And that paper trail is forever.

    The "protection" you might be used to with a credit card does not apply to international purchases anyway, so you cannot dispute the charge if, say, your beans never show up. The only advantages to a credit card are 1) quicker than sending a money order (by maybe a week) and 2) a few extra points or frequent flyer miles. Neither of those is compelling enough to me to leave a permanent paper trail.

    It is also advisable to have the beans shipped to a different address where the grow op will be, just in case the shipment is used as the basis for a search warrant. Again, I'm not aware of that happening, but it is at least theoretically possible that it could.
  17. i think he already got some good seeds :)
  18. seed boutiqe i ordered a month ago took 7 days to get my seeds and im in the Us in the actual northern state none of the contigous states. and i used my debit card most thats gonna happen is a letter.

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