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  1. hey dudes and ladies. I've been driving around a 1996 VW Golf since May, and now I've come to find it needs a new transmission :( I don't have the money to pay for shop work, so I'm selling it.
    so here comes my question... what's a good reliable (and semi attractive) car out there on the market? I'm looking at financing something, and making payments... I want a decent car! I'm tired of being broken down on the side of the road.
    somebody help, I don't know much about cars :smoking:

    ps - I've looked on Craigslist and all over ConsumerReport and such, but I want real peoples' opinions!
  2. honda? they seem to run forever.
  3. I've had a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS (4 banger) for about 57,000miles now. It gets good mileage, looks real nice, is quick, and it hasnt had ONE problem. Only time I take it in is for oil changes :)
  4. Honda civic theres a lot of them around there good on gas but the have a good resale value so they might be a little pricey. if you want car thats a good price and good on gas maybe look into some American made cars with small engines like a 1.9L ford
  5. japanese cars are reliable

    also from my experience with buicks, they are also very good cars, i've owned 2 (own an 89 riviera now) and they've never needed any major work, only routine maintenance. although i'm sure you want better gas mileage so honda is the way to go, but if you want something luxurious, affordable and reliable go with a buick
  6. VW Beetle mine has been real good to me. ;)
  7. Subaru's are practically bulletproof.
  8. I've been building and racing cars for years. I've had mitsubishis,fords,chevys,vws,dodges,couple of exotics,.. Honda is without question the most dependable. I had one I tried to kill. Ran it hot, without oil, jumped it off 4wheeler jumps over cars, drove it through woods and creeks, buried up to the windows in mud puddles, red lined it in D2 at 100 mph, rolled it,, drove it through ditches over boulders and it never died. I currently have an 89 Honda civic set up for off road racing.. It's the best car I've ever owned. Their reliance is above and beyond...
  9. she is right, they do run forever.
  10. She said dependable not armored..
    Besides you're kidding right.. I've seen more Subaru's on the side of the road in shops and at junk yards than fords.. To many electrical components to fail that are high dollar to fix.. Not to mention they are bad about cracking oil leaks, mostly around the valve covers..
  11. Funny, I've owned three incuding one I intenionally tried to kill as well as a 450HP STi and none ever even leaked a drop of oil or failed to start. I regularly bumped my STi against the rev limiter for 40K miles after highly modifying it but with stock internals and when I unloaded the car with 60K miles it would still take a Z06 through 4th gear but whatever.
  12. honda civic is definately the best small car you can buy... that being said everyone wants them so resale is sometimes artifcially inflated. i know when i bought my first car i was in the market for a civic, and where im from 1996-99 civics in avg cond where in the range of $4-5k canadian. i wanted one bad but i explored other options and ended up payin 4k and gettin a 96 maxima:hello:... since i bought it 2.5 years ago ive replaced exhasut and changed the oil and it runs awesome to this day. only thing about it is gas... and the price has increased a lot, so if id known gas would be this much a few years ago id probly explore the nissan sentra, mazda protege route... they are cheaper than civics and just about as reliable. o yeah and if you wanna save gas and have fun buy a 5spd:D
  13. I'm not trying to diss on you honestly. But again, you moded it, she wants dependable, i also imagine gas and mileage wise, as well as life expectancy.
    And how long did you own them?
    In my experience Subaru makes dependable paper weights.
    But yes my Current Honda is Highly moded as well. 450hp is like a horse and carriage to me.

    Not much for looks but I off road race it so paint isn't cost effective. Primer is..
    Again not dissing or trying to start some bs. Just offering 22 years of auto experience and an ASE certified opinion.
  14. You're right, I did mod the STi and the mods were carefully chosen as it was my daily driver but the first two were bone stock. I too have spent most of my life around cars and I've owned many brands. Every manufacturer ends up building a lemon now and then, they used to call them Monday/Friday cars. I never knocked any brand, I just pointed out my experience as well as others who I know very well.
  15. I still need my first car.
    Been thinking of looking on craigs list, was hoping that some one would help me do payments, so i can get it a.s.a.p
    and start fixing it up.
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    Cool deal. then I'm sure that was what she was looking for was some car enthusiasts to bump a few heads so she could get some good ideas to throw around..

    But wow.. You moded onto factory guts.. Thats brave. I always start internally. Crank, rods, pistons, rings valves and such then go to the bolt ons. But I put allot of power into my engines and I know the factory parts won't hold what I'm wanting to push them to..But I race and you used it for day to day, though I'm sure you've done your share of street runs stoned and for the fun of it.. lol...

    I've just run into allot of auto posers on here who didn't really know what they were talking about and have had to put them in their place..

    Glad to know there are a few here who know some stuff..
  17. i've got a 2002 dodge stratus SE with a 2.4 L 4 cyl. i've almost ticked the thing over to 200,000 miles and it still runs like a champ. most of my driving is on the highway though.

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