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    So we all know that most seed banks are a crap shoot. Lucky to get what you ordered, if at all. my question is, how much of this is the vendor, and how much of it is the breeders?

    Which breeders are the most trusted? Who's breeding quality strong, stable, true breeding strains? I'm of the opinion that many breeders are putting out low quality genetics, for obvious reasons.

    if we're trying to breed our own, shouldn't we use the best building blocks? I propose we establish a list of Reliable Breeders and accurate growth reports on the specific strains.

    I was going to put this in seed banks, but since my question is more about genetics and stable lines, i put it here. apologies if wrong.
  2. Having only dealt with a small number of breeders, I've come to trust Barneys farm myself. Their Red Dragon and Crimea Blue have been nice and strong growers. very uniform and steady. The RD grows nice and bushy, just like the description says. although not as dark a green as I'd like, I may be at fault for that. The CB is still too young to give a reliable growth report.

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