Relaxing Music Good For Brainwaves(In Need Of Suggestions)

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  1. A lot of music genre are heavily focused on the music and not so much the listeners mind. Ambient music and instrumental music is the only genre I've found that affects the brainwaves significantly. It can pit you in an alpha brain wave state and change your mood for the better. I'm in need of more of this music. I'm specifically looking for music that's soothing like this song. Please post some suggestions
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    Do you only want music very similar to that song? Like, more upbeat, kind of happy ambient? There is quite a bit of ambient/instrumental music that I like, but I'm not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for.
    For now I will suggest you check out Ochre. It's electronic music, mostly ambient. I really like his album A Midsummer Nice Dream.
    You could also check out Brain Sync, Lifeflow, and/or HoloSync. They're made specifically to do what you are looking for. BrainSync is the cheapest. Some of their stuff will be nature recordings, others music, etc.
  3. I'm looking for stuff more similar to that song. That song relaxes me more than any song I've heard. I like stuff like stellardrone, boreal taiga and the like but I'm definetly up for some upbeat stuff. Pleasez guys post videos if you can.
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    these are what your looking for:
    (also some post-listening advice for Aphex's stuff, listen to every track because you may miss something mind-alteringly good)
    If there is one artist who can fuck your mind its Aphex Twin, however sometimes he can fuck your mind slowly ,with lots of lube, and your mind absolutely loves it
    Aphex Twin
    Drukqs                                  <masterpiece
    (sorry there was no full album on youtube)
    Aphex Twin SAW II               <another masterpiece
     The track Rhubarb is my favourite track ever, first time I listened to it it was life changing
    and finally Sun Araw does some really good stuff which im pretty sure was produced when he was wicked stoned .its hard to finds his stuff for free but heres the track that got me into him (youll love this I think):
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  6. Check out Roy Ayers you'll

    Remember me? The one you stole your idea from.
    Like him

    Remember me? The one you stole your idea from.
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  8. Check out "Bonobo", super chill drum and melody music. "Mimosa" is good to. Stay faded :smoking:

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