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  1. I'm a new user:wave:, have been smoking for about a year now.

    Me and my regular smokin buddy have formulated a theory on what weed does to you. This theory is very scientific in nature.

    Not sure to call it yet, looking for some good titles.

    So in my past experiences of smoking time constantly seems to get slower. It may be that weed slows your reaction times, but i deny this because of these observations. Usually the next day (if you smoke and pass out) or when you start to burn and the high dissolves, time seems to go by faster, atleast for me. Now what me and my friend have formulated is that weed actually excels your "internal clock", therefore you are going through life faster then usual. To believe this far into the theory, one would have to believe that time is actually an 11th dimension (string theory supports this idea). All dimensions in this theory (3 of which we observe, six were "compacted") are vibrating strings of subatomic particles which have originated from the big bang. The strings are infinite 1-dimensional mathematical objects. They start, and supposedly end coming from the big bang, to whatever one believes will be the end of mankind (apocalypse and whatnot). Some adaptions to the theory state that the string Is it possible that when high, one is vibrating faster through the 11th dimension? Or perhaps is one vibrates faster in all dimensions. Or even, one is elevated to a different dimension, the 11th dimension of time, which is not tangible in reality. [​IMG] To read more about string theory and the 11-dimension universe, visit Eleventh Dimension

    Now why, if getting high makes you go faster through time, does it appear slower while high? :confused_2: [​IMG] The reason lies behind Einstein's Theory of Relativity: Time Dilation. His theory states that two people who have differing rates of velocity will actually see the other's "clock" as wrong. Time dilation is existent all the time, however can only be noticed at great differences in speeds. So we think that being "high" either makes one move faster through the 11th dimension of time, or it really makes us "high" pulling us to a different dimension or just a distant place away from gravitational masses, where we observe the world. This can explain why some people see things more clearly and things make more sense while high:smoke:. Everything else seems slower (although faster), so one has more time to think and make inferences.

    To explain the reasoning for time slowing down during burns, we use this same theory. As one accelerates through the 11th dimension, he gains time on the rest of the world. That time gained needs to be lost, or the person's world would be very unbalanced. Burn time is the time that a person theoretically slows down in the 11th dimension. That person see's the external clock as moving faster, although he is moving slower. I'm not sure if time dilation proves this or not, but its just another insight into the big picture of why we see time as slower when blazed.

    Any additions, critical comments or what have you are welcomed. Please do not degrade the theory because it sounds completely insane, it is just a fun thing to think about.
  2. First off, be wary of that website link. Norton's didn't like it at all.

    Total threats on this site:
    VBS.Redlof.A is what it says it has on it if you care to look it up.

    Anyways to the point.

    Einstein used spacetime. It's one thing not two separate things. Time dilation depends on your moving through spacetime at different speeds. Even the various versions of string theory use spacetime as one "object." There is no time string in string theory so you couldn't vibrate faster with respect to time. Also the strings don't stretch across time (you say they start at the big bang and go until the end of time/apocalypse and whatnot) they exist in spacetime, that's why they are also effected by black holes and such. Everything exists inside of what we call spacetime so there really isn't a "time" dimension, at least as of yet in our math. We say time travel is possible because we know that if we manipulate space it also effects time, by changing one we change the other.

    Time seems to slow down because while smoking weed your brain actually allows you to see more of the input that is coming in normally. Not extra input but a larger % of the total that is always coming in. Think of it like a computer doing some large math problem, it's not going any faster or slower than when doing an easy problem it just seems like it's going slower while it works out all the parts of the problem.

    If you want to check yourself, get a stopwatch and try and count out 1 min without looking at a clock (sober). Then do it while smoking weed.
  3. Sorry about the link

    But all your points are good. I realized that einstein's theory of time dilation refers to being in space, he used an example of a person from a very far distance watching a person being sucked into a black hole. At that point, the theory is flawed. Also makes sense that weed makes you see more of whats going on. I think i understand your example, you're saying basically sober life is like doing a division problem in your head (100/5) as when your high, you actually go through the steps of long division to reach the answer to the problem. Interesting criticism thanks.

    P.S. We postulated this theory while being high, i figured there'd be flaws in it.
  4. I know what you're talking about but its just you being mad aware of everything and yourself. You are exceptionally aware of your environment and everything that changes around it. I'm betting you have heightened reflexes yes?
  5. i hope i didn't come off as too negative, that's just a by-product of me always trying to find ways to break my own theories.

    The up side of doing this kind of thinking while high is that sometimes you can see/find a connection that you normally wouldn't have seen. I try and learn how some of the more advanced math problems connect with each other and steer clear of actually doing any of the math calculations.

    The best example I can think of is if you've taken physics 2. You see that there is a general formula for gravity and electric/magnetic fields and the specific formula for each case depends on the geometry of the object you are looking at. That relation of a formula to the geometry of a object is actually really important for a whole lot of things and can make some higher level math problems much simpler. Symmetry is another thing that is helps you see. Basicly anything that requires more visualization than actual math.

    An interesting side note. This thread made me remember a show I watched about a study that someone did on our internal clocks. They showed that when we are excited our internal clocks run "faster" than if we are in a calm state. The tested it by having someone wear an armband that displayed numbers at a rate faster than the person could see while calm but when they put them into a free fall the person could read the numbers. Also that all living things have some sort of internal clock.

    Also that the age you are changes your sense of time. This was tested by asking people to try and count 1 min. in their heads, the younger they were the faster their "min." was and the older = the longer the min. was.

    And just to make my response a little longer. There has also been studies that have shown if there is no way to tell the time (by the sun or by a watch) we will naturally go into a ~12 hour cycle that slowly shifts by ~15 mins later each "day"

    All very interesting stuff dealing with our perception of time and how it can be affected.

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