Relative Humidity in drying room

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by BigBadBarl, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,
    So I'm on my second grow, and wouldn't you know it, we in the northwest got an unseasonable wave of humidity right when I harvested my crop. The relative humidity in my drying space is hovering from 65% to 70%, and I'm rocking a ghetto-fab setup, so I don't have anything on my side but AC and air circulation. The buds are all hanging free in a dark space with an oscillating fan moving air around the room (but not blowing directly on the buds) and a vent fan carrying air out of the room. So my question for all you helpful hempsters out there is this: Is that humidity too high to dry my bud, and am I risking bud mold at those levels? Many thanks!
  2. you are fine. The air circulation should keep mold at bay. At most i think your only problem could be an extra day or two for the drying process.

    I'm drying my latest crop in my bathroom right now and humidity is 69%. Not a single problem.
  3. I agree with the grrower....youll be fine...they say 50% is optimal but i have yet to have it that low while drying and never had an issue..its all about circulation:D
  4. Thanks all around, my friends. I'll rest easy tonight knowing my hard work won't go to waste =D
  5. You should be ok but if you have a dehumidifier handy you could use it to help :bongin:

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