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  1. So i have a lot of girl friends. Im a nice guy, i have enough confidence to ask a girl out, though i cant seem to make a lasting good first impression. But i digress. The problem is that most of these friends, to which i feel genuine connections with and to whom i am very attracted to both physically an emotionally, are already in relationships. i have known them for a while and when i start to feel like maye she would be worth it, i learn they have newly acquired boyfriends. So my question is what do i do? I respect them too much to take them from the other guys, but i dont want to be alone anymore

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  2. Sounds like they just see you as the friend type. Go and ask some girls out and make it known from the get go that you want something romantic. You can't just sit on the sidelines waiting for something to happen.
  3. Move on, dude. They deserve to enjoy themselves with their new boyfriends. It isn't fair to cause drama in a friend's relationship, and especially when she seems happy. 
    We're all going to be food for worms anyways, so don't hassle yourself. It only causes trouble, and you lose a friend. 
  4. There is NO evidence all the good women are spoken for. Tom's tip:Read your books in a library[Community, Law or hospital]. That is where the smart women are. Do you really want a barfly for a relationship?

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